New Premium Bidet by Coway to Revolutionize Bathroom Culture

Coway's bidets with high-tech features and multiple health benefits make it the next best purchase for the bathroom.

Apr 16, 2010, 00:00 ET from Coway

CHICAGO, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Coway will revolutionize bathroom culture at KBIS 2010 with their Premium Bidet product line. After a year of research and development, the Coway's bidet, especially the BA13 model, has been designed with U.S. customers in mind, and is intended to change the way Americans think of bidets. Now, along with the steam shower, multi-jet whirlpool, and separate wet room, Americans will consider the bidet as a must-have item to upgrade their bathroom.

Installing a bidet is becoming popular in U.S. as many experience first-hand the health benefits of using a bidet. For people with gastro-intestinal and rectal diseases, using a bidet can prevent symptoms as well as accelerate the healing process. Coway's bidet is safe, equipped with self-sterilizing twin spray wands that remove 99.9% of bacteria, and it only uses purified/filtered water. Supplying consistent warm water at a set temperature to prevent burns, triple short circuit cut-off and a gentle lid opening and closing system, Coway's bidet is a great addition.

Two key innovative products that you can't miss at KBIS 2010 are the BA13 and BA17 models. The BA13 is customized for U.S. homes to fit any toilet type and complements the modern bathroom.  The self-sterilizing stainless steel twin spray wands ensure maximum sanitation and safety for multiple users. Plus by using the carbon filter and automatic deodorization system made by Coway – the world's #1 filtration system manufacturer –odors are immediately dispelled after each use.

The BA17 is the latest addition to the Coway's premium product line and is the most eco-friendly product: it's self-powered and non-electronic, using pressure from the water flow to generate sufficient electricity. The BA17's minimalist design provides luxury and simplicity, yet is offered at an affordable price.

Both models are incredibly easy to install thanks to its DIY step-by-step installation guide included with each product. By following the simple steps, within minutes, everyone will notice the convenience and benefits of Coway's bidet.

Green Features

Coway's bidet is an eco-friendly product. It uses less than a gallon of water per day for the average family. It reduces the need for toilet paper, and with the average family using 183 rolls of toilet paper per year, this product could save 1.3 trees a year. If the bidet is not used for ten minutes, the power consumption is automatically reduced, saving energy. The BA17 is self-powered so this product does not require electricity. With BA 13, the water is also instantly heated when using the cleansing function so that users can immediately choose their desired water temperature, saving 50% more energy than water that has been preheated.

*The Coway booth at KBIS 2010 will draw visitors in with its innovative interactive displays featuring running water and product demonstration given by Hollywood personalities every half hour.