New Website From Higher Education Company TargetX Focuses on Helping College Recruiters and Marketers

Jan 30, 2012, 07:15 ET from TargetX

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Jan. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Student recruiting firm TargetX has redesigned its website, making it easier for college admissions and marketing professionals to find video, blog posts, book chapters and other best-practice information that will help them succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

"More than any other company, we put a lot of effort into free resources for the higher education industry," said Marketing Vice President Adrienne Hamson. "But until now, it might have been difficult to find it all.  In revising our website, we focused on making that content easier to find."

Among the resources that TargetX offers are:

  • A video library consisting of the company's popular "Free on Friday" webcasts aimed at admissions officers.
  • The iThink Blog, a compendium of posts about student recruiting from a variety of contributors.
  • Free chapters from CEO Brian Niles' book, Overthrowing Dead Culture: A Vision to Change the World of College Recruiting.
  • Client stories that provide examples of how colleges are using technology and the campus visit to recruit students more effectively and efficiently.
  • The opportunity to register for TargetX's unique users group meeting -- the Xpert Summit -- scheduled for Las Vegas July 9-10 and open to non-clients.
  • Back issues of the Recruitment Minute, the weekly tip, trend or observation about college recruiting and marketing that has been around since 2002.

Coinciding with the launch of the new site, TargetX for the first time is inviting readers of the Recruitment Minute and other professionals in the field to contribute their own tips and techniques to the weekly email broadcast. "We want to share all that knowledge and advice that our readers have," says Hamson, "so we are opening up the Recruitment Minute to higher ed marketers and recruiters, and others who serve higher education."

To learn more and to subscribe to the Recruitment Minute, visit:

In addition to simplifying access to its best-practice content, TargetX has made other improvements to the website. "It's faster, easier to navigate and more interactive," said Hamson. "And the information we provide about TargetX products and services is much more digestible. We were concerned that we were overwhelming visitors with all the things we do as a company. Now we're focusing much more on storytelling -- which is something we tell colleges they must do to be successful."

TargetX is the leading student recruiting firm serving higher education. It offers both technology tools and consulting services designed to help colleges recruit today's more sophisticated, web-savvy students. Founded in 1998 on the belief that colleges need to change the way they communicate with prospects and their families, TargetX has been a forward-thinking leader in managing change in higher education and embracing the concept of the experience in higher ed marketing.

In 2008, TargetX introduced a groundbreaking CRM tool for admissions offices -- the Student Recruitment Manager®. The SRM® is built on the proven platform of, the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management and a pioneer in cloud computing. The result is a cloud-based system that is the most powerful, mobile and customizable recruiting tool in higher education.

Last year, TargetX launched an Education & Training Center (ETC) where admissions professionals can collaborate and brainstorm with colleagues and thought leaders through coursework and office retreats.

For more information, and to see the company's new website, visit: