NumbersUSA Ads Ask Who Elected Senator Graham To Lead The Calls In Congress For Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

Feb 26, 2013, 12:58 ET from NumbersUSA

Senator Graham's Plan Would Add Millions More Foreign Workers And Trillions In  Welfare Costs During High Joblessness and Debt Crisis  

GREENVILLE, S.C., Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --  NumbersUSA, one of the largest member-based issue advocacy groups in America, launched TV and Radio ads this week in South Carolina. The ads ask who in South Carolina voted to send Senator Lindsey Graham to Washington so he could lead the calls in Congress for massive increases in foreign workers and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The answer to the ad's question is obvious to South Carolinians: "Not me."

The ads are launching on the heels of Senator Graham announcing the outline of his 2013 Mass Immigration and Amnesty plan. This year's plan is similar to the one Graham advocated in 2007 that was rejected by Americans across the country, including South Carolinians. Graham's 2013 version would admit millions of additional immigrant workers to compete for American jobs, increase annual chain migration, enable millions who are currently not citizens to get on taxpayer funded welfare and entitlement programs and give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.   

Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA commented, "We want South Carolinians to see the disconnect between Sen. Graham leading the effort to greatly increase the flow of foreign workers at every skill level while nearly 350,000 South Carolinians can't find a full-time job. Why aren't unemployed citizens of his state the top priority instead of business interests who want to hold down the wages of their workers?  The oversupply of labor in this nation is one of the reasons why pay in many occupations has been stagnant or declining and why our society is experiencing income disparity at historical high levels. And it is one of the reasons why Black and Hispanic American unemployment is at Depression levels. The last thing all of these struggling Americans need from Sen. Graham is more foreign workers and a looser labor market."

NumbersUSA, one of the largest member-based issue advocacy groups in America, is non-profit and non-partisan. It has been running ads since the beginning of the recession helping Americans understand the job implications of irresponsible immigration policy. To learn more visit To view the TV commercial, just click on the following link