Ongoing Government Shutdown Harming Those in Need

Oct 12, 2013, 14:15 ET from Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA Launches Petition to Help Member Agencies Speak out to Members

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) announced today that they are launching an effort to mobilize their 170 local agencies to share their stories of impact from the ongoing government shutdown. As the shutdown nears two weeks and counting, the impact is being felt in communities across the nation, particularly amongst those living in poverty.

Uncertainty, furloughs, and limited resources at federal agencies directly hinder the vital work CCUSA local member agencies do every day.

  • In Tallahassee, furloughed workers whose lost pay has put their family at risk of going hungry are already relying heavily on Catholic Charities services.
  • Seniors in Southern Nevada are growing increasingly concerned that certain services they rely on, such as Meals on Wheels, will be cut due to lack of federal funding.
  • Programs run by Lubbock, Texas Catholic Charities for runaway youth are in danger of being cut.
  • Southern Arizona workers were recently informed VOCA and transportation aid are on a hiatus until further notice due to a spending freeze, with WIC programs soon to follow due to lack of funds.
  • Venice, Florida Catholic Charities was recently informed they are no longer receiving SNAP funding until further notice.

Other programs haven't even been able to start, such as Jackson, Mississippi's new Supportive Services for Veteran Families, a financial assistance program due to start October 1st but now delayed amid the shutdown.

"These stories are pouring in from Catholic Charities agencies across the country, and it is time the voices of people in need are heard in the ongoing fiscal debate," said Father Larry Snyder, President of CCUSA. "That's why we're asking our agencies to contact their Members and tell them that the people we serve need our leaders to find a way to open the doors of government."

Click here for full text of the petition.

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