Parago Surpasses 30 Million Paperless Rebates Delivered

Saving more than 60 tons of paper, $12.5 million in postage and increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty with simple online solution

Jan 19, 2010, 09:00 ET from Parago

LEWISVILLE, Texas, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Parago (, the leader in rewards-based incentive solutions, today announced that it has surpassed the 30 million mark in total paperless rebates processed since it launched its new and innovative offering – establishing Parago as the largest provider of paperless rebates. While rebates have long been tools to drive store traffic and short-term sales lifts, Parago reinvigorated the rebate industry with the introduction of its paperless rebate solutions, in which rebates are redeemed through a simple online platform rather than the traditional mail-in process. Customer satisfaction with the program has driven the strong returns and also created longer-term customer loyalty for Parago's clients.  

Parago's paperless rebate solutions provide a host of benefits to clients. Internal research determined that consumers consider ease of submission the most important element of submitting rebates, ranking higher than even the amount of the rebate and speed of payment. Because Parago's paperless solutions deliver on this consumer preference, it has driven improvements in consumer satisfaction scores for Parago's clients. Paperless rebates are also attractive to eco-conscious businesses. These 30 million paperless rebates translate to a savings of 60 tons of paper annually and more than $12.5 million in postage since 2004, as well as the associated impact of physical mail submission including carbon footprint of delivery vehicles, etc.  

Parago's paperless rebate programs offer more than just a simple, modernized solution to an old retail promotion fixture, they also present a range of additional integrated marketing opportunities to clients. The web-based, interactive nature of paperless rebates provides an ideal platform to deliver important information to the customer, such as cross-selling of associated products or services and additional offers. In fact, the average paperless rebate offers clients 10 more communication and brand touch points than paper-based rebates.

"Our milestone of 30 million paperless rebates processed is a testament to the ways we are reinventing the rebate industry to drive more value to our clients," said Juli Spottiswood, Parago President and Chief Executive Officer. "Paperless rebates provide a terrific opportunity for savings, a great brand experience and strategic opportunities to continue to engage the customer. Parago's modern, paperless rebate solution is the first step for our clients in turning a rebate from a single purchase event into an ongoing customer relationship, driving loyalty and share of wallet."

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