Passion for Chevrolet Alive and Well in Country Music

CMA sponsorship celebrates decades of music inspired by iconic brand

Jun 14, 2011, 09:00 ET from General Motors

DETROIT, June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In its 100 years, Chevrolet has produced iconic vehicles – from the era-defining Bel Air to the timeless Corvette. Jay Z, Kid Rock, and Mariah Carey are just a few of the artists to name-drop Chevrolet in hit songs. But no genre has embraced the breadth and depth of Chevrolet's pop culture standing like country music.  

"Country music has always held a mirror to both the serious and the irreverent in our culture," said Phil Caruso, Chevrolet national promotions manager. "When you consider how long Chevrolet's been a cultural force, it's not surprising that those who've depicted all aspects of American life through country music have been so influenced by the brand."  

The idea of a man on his guitar, singing about lost love and his Chevy, has become the archetype of a country song. Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, George Strait and Tim McGraw have all paid musical tribute to Chevrolet. To some performers – like Lyle Lovett in "West Texas Highway" – their Chevrolet provided means for dramatic escape; to others – like Big & Rich in "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" – a hood on which to display a fierce set of horns.      

But the special relationship between Chevrolet and country music isn't limited to its male stars.  Carrie Underwood made heartfelt reference to packing up her Chevy in "Don't Forget to Remember Me." In "One Bud Wiser," Gretchen Wilson wasn't happy with an ex who made off with her brand new Silverado. Both Trisha Yearwood and Taylor Swift fell for boys in Chevy trucks, while Shania Twain just wanted a lover with a '55 Chevy in "You Win My Love."    

This well-documented affection for Chevrolet among country artists and their fans made Chevrolet a natural choice to sponsor the CMA Music Fest in Nashville, where artists including Phil Vassar, Gary Allan, Jo Dee Messina, Darryl Worley, and Colt Ford performed for fans from the Chevrolet Riverfront Stage.  

For many of these artists, Chevy is a part of their life as well as their music. Phil Vassar "grew up in a Chevy family." His dad drove a Malibu. Craig Morgan said Chevy has always been part of music, and "couldn't even say how many country songs Chevy is in." For Colt Ford, the attraction is even simpler: "Chevy is all-American. Even Colt Ford drives a Chevy!"

"Chevrolet is an iconic brand that has played – and continues to play – a significant role in popular culture and the lives of many Country Music artists and fans," said Steve Moore, CMA chief executive officer. "And we see that influence in song lyrics from Country Music veterans to our up-and-coming stars."  

Here are a few examples of Chevrolet references in some of country music's most memorable songs:

  • Phil Vassar – "In A Real Love"

I was 18 makin' minimum wage
With a letterman jacket and a Chevrolet
I thought I was cool
Yeah, I ruled the school

  • Brad Paisley – "Mud On the Tires"

I've got some big news, the bank finally came through
And I'm holdin' the keys to a brand new Chevrolet
Have you been outside? It sure is a nice night
How about a little test drive, down by the lake?

  • Brooks and Dunn – "Rock My World (Little Country Girl)"

She's got a T-Top Camaro with a scoop on the hood
And two big speakers blasting Johnny B. Goode
Looking so sweet it oughta be a crime
She plays with my heart and messes with my mind

  • Carrie Underwood – "Don't Forget to Remember Me"

Eighteen years had come and gone
For Momma they flew by, but for me they drug on and on
We were loading up that Chevy, both tryin' not to cry
Momma kept on talking, putting off good-bye

  • Kenny Chesney – "I Go Back"

I go back to a two-toned short bed Chevy
Drivin' my first love out to the levy
Livin' life with no sense of time

  • Reba McEntire – "Turn on Your Radio"

Turn on your stereo, and you can sing along
While they're playin' my song, how you done me wrong
Baby crank it up, until you blow the speakers out your Chevy truck

  • Rodney Atkins– "It's America"

It's a high school prom, it's a Springsteen song, it's a ride in a Chevrolet
It's a man on the moon and fireflies in June and kids sellin' lemonade
It's cities and farms, it's open arms, one nation under God
It's America

  • Shania Twain – "You Win My Love"

I'm looking for a lover
Who can rev his little engine up
He can have a '55 Chevy
Or a fancy little pick-up truck

  • Tammy Wynette & George Jones – "(We're Not) The Jet Set"

No we're not the jet set
We're the old Chevrolet set
There's no Riviera
In Festus, Missouri

  • Taylor Swift – "Tim McGraw"

Just a boy in a Chevy truck
That had a tendency of getting' stuck
On backroads at night

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