Penn State Sexual Abuse Scandal Victims Able To Receive Cash Advances From Pending Suits Today Through Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding

- Legal-Bay, the leading legal funding firm for sexual assault lawsuit funding, is first company to begin funding the Penn State victims of Jerry Sandusky, just as settlement talks are expected to take some time.

Feb 14, 2013, 05:30 ET from Legal-Bay LLC

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they will begin taking lawsuit settlement funding applications for victims of the Penn State sex abuse case.  Legal-Bay has been one of the most active firms in assisting victims of sex abuse and sexual harassment, and they will now assist any and all victims of the Penn State case who need funding before they get their ultimate settlements from Penn State.

"Unfortunately we have seen all too many times these types of cases, and understand the needs of the victims.  Many times it is hard for them to work while they go through the litigation process, and no matter how egregious the acts, the defendants always try to drag out the process", said Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay.  "Fortunately for the victims, we offer a discreet process that enables them to get some of their money today so that they can live in dignity until they get their final settlement check."

Legal-Bay has experienced agents who have dealt with women prison rape cases, work related sexual harassment cases, and other high profile cases such as The Citadel Sex abuse scandal in Charleston, South Carolina (SC) – which is most similar to that of the Sandusky and Penn State case.   

Sandusky, who was Joe Paterno's football defensive coordinator at Penn State up until the late 1990's, was convicted of sex abuse in Harrisburg, PA in late 2012; and subsequently sentenced to 30-60 years in prison.  Sandusky continues to appeal his conviction on the grounds that he was denied due process by not allowing his defense team ample time to put up a credible defense. 

Regardless of Sandusky's appeal, the 28 or so victims of Sandusky's heinous acts are entitled to just compensation against Penn State for presumably allowing Sandusky the ability to use his Penn State connections to continue his sexual crimes – some while on the Penn State campus.  Many of the victims have filed their cases in the court already, and have issued "demands" to Penn State.  However, a New York Daily News article this week reported that "PSU victims are wary of talks", indicating that the lawyers expect the settlement process to take some time.  However, some of the lawyers have been talking with Penn State officials according to a reported settlement meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., although both sides seem to be far apart on the ultimate settlement amount.   

Patty Kirby, Head of Client Relations at Legal-Bay, commented on the company's Penn State sexual abuse funding program, "We have a deep commitment to victims of sex crimes who are in need of lawsuit funding to live.  I firmly believe, no other company in the industry will take the time and consideration to get cases of sexual abuse or sexual harassment funding in the workplace approved so that the victims can live comfortably until they get their lives back on track.  Our record of funding sex crime victims speaks for itself."

Legal-Bay is accepting up to $250K pre-settlement funding requests from Penn State victims, as well as all other sexual assault or sexual harassment victims.  Approvals and the actual funding typically takes 48 hours from receiving proper case documentation to fully evaluate the case. Legal-Bay's privacy clause ensures that none of the victim's information will be disclosed to anyone except their team of lawyers in order to properly review the case file for funding.    

Plaintiffs interested in applying for a lawsuit cash advance can access Legal-Bay online at: or by calling Legal-Bay's toll free hotline at:  877.571.0405, where experienced agents can assist you in a discreet and considerate manner. 

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