PostRelease Changes Name to Nativo to Reflect Development of New Technologies Enabling Deployment and Management of Native Advertising Across Desktop and Mobile Media Properties

Feb 28, 2013, 12:10 ET from Nativo

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- PostRelease, a leading innovator in native advertising technology, has announced it is changing its name to Nativo to reflect the growth, evolution and expanded capabilities of the advertising platform.

The original concept behind PostRelease, a play on the phrase "press release," was to automate the insertion of sponsored posts in communities and blogs. The technology now enables the automated placement of a wide variety of sponsored or promoted content into any type of site across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The new name reinforces the platform's focus on enabling native advertising.

"Our platform provides the first scalable and easy-to-deploy solution for truly native placement of content-based advertising. Native advertising typically requires a great deal of time and custom work to deploy," said Nativo President and CEO Justin Choi. "We've invested two years in building an amazing platform that solves that problem while making native advertising scalable for marketers. It is important for us to have a name that clearly communicates the core focus of the vast amount of flexibility and technology we've created."

Nativo's sophisticated technology automates the matching of each placement to the look and feel of each publication, regardless of site type or device. The system enables publishers to sell and manage native ad placements with the same controls they have over their display advertising. Nativo provides a platform for publishers to unlock a premium revenue stream, immediately monetize their mobile traffic and lower their ad operation costs around native ads without having to invest in custom platforms for each of their publications.

For marketers, Nativo brings scale, automation and measurement to branded content initiatives with contextual matching of placements, auto-optimization of campaigns, A/B testing of multiple headlines and built-in tools to embed videos, images, interactive surveys and other content elements.

Truly native advertising is "native" in both placement and user experience. It involves the placement of branded content into the content feed of a publication. The placement is matched to the layout of the site and clearly labeled as an advertiser-promoted article. Finally, the user engages with that branded content in the same way as they would any other content on that site. Nativo is the only native advertising platform that delivers this experience across any type of content rich site or app. It offers significant advantages including centralized control and impression-level precision, scaling of a single campaign across multiple properties, and less disruption and higher performance compared to display advertising.

About the Company
Nativo ( is a rapidly expanding advertising technology company that connects two of the most significant trends in online advertising: branded content and native ads. The Nativo platform enables publishers to easily activate, deploy and manage content-based native placements across their media properties. For marketers, Nativo extends the reach of their branded content with never-before-possible scale, targeting and in-depth analytics. Already leveraged by top agencies and over a thousand publications, Nativo has established itself as the leading platform enabling this next generation of advertising.