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Dec 13, 2013, 15:00 ET from ProfNet

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  • Legacy/Estate Planning
  • Potential Regulation of E-Cigarettes by the FDA
  • The Five Essential Documents Every Senior Citizen Should Have
  • Sign Language Interpreting as a Profession
  • HIV Exposure in the Adult Film Industry
  • Quitting Smoking Through Hypnotherapy


  • Reporter – Leader-Telegram (WI)
  • Part-Time Reporter – Cape Cod Times (MA)
  • Assistant News Director – ABC7 Los Angeles (CA)


  • Media 411: Airing 911 Calls
  • Grammar Hammer: Drawing a Line in the Sand
  • The Q&A Team: How to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas


Legacy/Estate Planning
John Dorris
Co-Managing Partner
Dorris & Giordano PLC
"More than half of American adults will die without a will, leaving their inheritance and the guardianship of their children up to states to decide. Unmarried couples with children are especially in limbo without a will, as protections for a surviving partner don't always have the same weight as for those who are married. Those without an estate plan or medical directives are creating unexpected legal and financial hardships for those they leave behind."
A graduate of Columbia Law School and a practicing attorney for 15 years, Dorris is able to comment on intestate law, the impact on heirs of not having a will and ways to maximize wealth distribution. He is located in Tucson, Ariz.
Media Contact: David Paul,

Potential Regulation of E-Cigarettes by the FDA
Dr. Maher Karam-Hage
Addiction Psychiatrist
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
"There's no question that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of e-cigarettes would help protect consumers.  In light of the current evidence showing that e-cigarette products have varying nicotine levels and contain traces of known carcinogens, it's imperative to know what's really in them to ensure consumer safety. FDA regulation would help standardize the industry and provide much needed quality control oversight."
Karam-Hage, M.D., associate professor of Behavioral Science and addiction specialist at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is available to discuss the known and unknown health effects of e-cigarettes and their potential regulation by the FDA. A practicing clinical psychiatrist, Karam-Hage's research at MD Anderson examines psychopharmacology and addictive disorders, specifically in regard to nicotine, tobacco and alcohol dependence.
Media Contacts: Matt Rindone,; Lindsay Kurs,

The Five Essential Documents Every Senior Citizen Should Have
Ronald Fatoullah, Esq.
Ronald Fatoullah & Associates
"As we grow older, it is imperative that we make sure to have certain legal documents in place for our protection and security. The five essential legal documents that senior citizens should have are: health care proxy, living will, last will and testament, power of attorney with a statutory gifts rider and living trusts. It is important to note that these documents can only be signed when an individual has capacity. Therefore, seniors shouldn't procrastinate. An experienced elder law attorney will be able to guide you with the preparation and execution of these essential documents."
Fatoullah is a certified New York elder law attorney and the founder of Ronald Fatoullah & Associates. Highly recognized and honored for his community service, he also has an eight-year inclusion as one of "the New York area's Best Lawyers" in the fields of elder law and trusts & estates. Ronald Fatoullah & Associates Focuses exclusively in the areas of; elder law, Medicaid law, estate planning and trusts and estates.
Media Contact: Carol Schell,

Sign Language Interpreting as a Profession
Kim Kurz
Director of American Sign Language and Interpretation Education
Rochester Institute of Technology's National Technical Institute for the Deaf
"South African officials are embarrassed after recently learning a man sharing a podium with speakers at Nelson Mandela's funeral was a fake sign language interpreter. How would organizers know whether an interpreter is legitimate?"
Kurz is available to discuss interpreting as a profession graduates can find jobs anywhere. NTID has the largest and oldest sign language interpreting program in the country. Several dozen students not only are skilled at sign language, but they learn ethics and signing specialties, such as court and medical interpreting. Graduates from the program have been in the news recently, including Lydia Callis (Mayor Bloomberg's interpreter during Super Storm Sandy), and Holly Maniatty, who interprets for hip-hop concerts including the Wu-Tang Clan. We also have more than 1,250 deaf and hard-of-hearing students on campus (until the holiday break Dec. 20).
Media Contact: Greg Livadas,

HIV Exposure in the Adult Film Industry
David Mech
Shorts & Sandals Entertainment
"Given the ever-increasing trend of MSM performers working in straight adult films, HIV and other STIs will continue to occur in the adult film industry until reasonable workplace safety protocols, including mandatory condom use and vaccinations, are implemented."
Mech is available to discuss the recent issue of HIV exposure in the adult film industry. He is the producer/director of "Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry." He is located in South Florida.
ProfNet Profile:
Expert Contact:

Quitting Smoking Through Hypnotherapy
Kerry Gaynor
Certified Hypnotherapist
The Kerry Gaynor Method
"We've spent the past 60 years teaching people that the addiction is all-powerful, that they're powerless over it, and they have a problem that can never be cured.  It's misleading and discouraging, and I believe this may qualify as one of the biggest mistakes in twentieth century intellectual thought. Instead, we should be teaching people that the power lies within and that they have an infinite source of strength to draw from.  No one is stuck in their addiction and everyone has the ability to break free."
For Gaynor, the focus of smoking cessation is not the addiction – the when or why someone began smoking – but rather the denial of what smoking is doing to that person and their unlimited capacity to deceive themselves.  His unique perspective and belief system stands out in a landscape that positions quitting as painful, difficult to achieve and a lifelong struggle. His method transcends the category of smoking by challenging accepted notions of addiction. He helps people realize that smoking one more cigarette can take them over the limit into catastrophic illness, and he empowers people to "stop smoking and start living." He has worked with thousands of individuals over the past 34 years, including such high-profile clients as Aaron Eckhart, Heather Locklear, Paul Rudd, Debra Messing, Martin Sheen, Krista Allen, Kevin Pollak, Nick Cassavetes, Katie Sackhoff, Jerry Ferrara, Emily Procter, Katie Cassidy, Howard Hesseman and many more.
Media Contact: Christina Le, 



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