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Dec 07, 2015, 11:47 ET from ProfNet

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  • Don't Lose the Forest for the Trees Listening to Fed Language
  • Business Valuation and Taxation
  • Mark Zuckerberg's Paternity Leave Sets a Good Example
  • The Unexpected Challenges of 'Coming Home' for the Holidays
  • A New Year's Resolution You Can Take to the Bank


  • Producer – Bloomberg Radio (NY)
  • News Editor – Daily Press (VA)
  • Managing Editor – Dallas Business Journal (TX)


  • Holiday Life Hack: How to Manage Out-of-Office Emails
  • The New Business Card: Using a Book to Expand Your Business
  • PR Newswire Media Moves, Dec. 7 Edition


Don't Lose the Forest for the Trees Listening to Fed Language
Robert Johnson
Expert in Federal Reserve Policies and Market Behavior
"There are many pundits out there suggesting that if the Fed raises interest rates, it might signal good news to the markets because, as the logic goes, that shows that the Fed has faith in the economic recovery. That's not what the evidence shows in the past."
An expert in 25 years of Federal Reserve policies and attendant market fluctuations, Johnson can discuss using Fed policy as an investor's roadmap to creating a winning portfolio using Federal Reserve actions as the guiding star. In his new book, "Invest With the FED: Maximizing Portfolio Performance by Following Federal Reserve Policy," Johnson and his co-authors reveal direct connections between successful portfolio performance and Fed policy. He covers topics including how they classify Fed monetary policy periods; what makes a period and expansive period, restrictive period, or indeterminate period with respect to Fed policy; their basic findings with respect to the stock market; and everything you need to know about bonds, gold futures, ETFs, alternative assets, emerging markets, and risk. Their analysis extends beyond U.S. equity markets to include foreign equities of both emerging and developed markets, fixed income securities, real estate, and commodities. Johnson is the president and CEO of the American College of Financial Services and a director of RS Investment Management. He's been featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, and in The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, USA Today, MarketWatch, Kiplinger's, and many more.
Contact: Ann Pryor,

Business Valuation and Taxation
Elizabeth J. Moreau
CPA/ABV, CVA Tax Partner
Broussard Poché
"Many times, economic decisions at the small to mid-size business level are made with tax motivations as primary driver. While these strategies have short-term tax benefits, they may have long-term repercussions when the value of the business is the focus. Transitional events -- succession planning, acquisition, etc. -- almost always require a determination of value, and while historical profitability is not necessarily key to future value, it is one of the first to be analyzed."
At Broussard Poché, Moreau specializes in business valuation and financial analysis. She has 21 years of public accounting experience and is based out of the company's Lafayette, La., office.
Contact: Stacy Maggard,

Mark Zuckerberg's Paternity Leave Sets a Good Example
Dr. MaryAnne Hyland
Professor of Human Resource Management, Robert B. Willumstad School of Business
Adelphi University, Garden City, N.Y.
"We have heard a lot lately about paternity leave. What is exciting about Mark Zuckerberg taking paternity leave is the example it sets. Oftentimes, paternity leave, paid or unpaid, is not utilized by men because of concerns about being stigmatized. Hopefully, Zuckerberg's example will demonstrate that men can be committed to their career and their family."
Dr. Hyland's expertise is in human resource management, benefits, and women in the workforce. A former benefits analyst for Fortune 500 companies, she studies current trends in benefits and HR management, including flexible work arrangements, telecommuting, and diversity recruitment and retention.
Contact: Kali Chan,

The Unexpected Challenges of 'Coming Home' for the Holidays
Sarah Matsko
International Case Management Coordinator
Chestnut Global Partners
To many, the holiday season is about coming home and re-engaging with family. To some, it means coming home from an extended stay abroad, which can involve a surprisingly difficult period of readjustment, particularly for expats returning from a lengthy assignment overseas. One would think that returning "home" should be a relatively easy process. Most people who have been through repatriation can testify that it is anything but. Consider: 30-50 percent of returning expats -- people who showed high promise and in whom the organization made a substantial investment -- leave the organization within two years of return. Says Matsko: "Only 49 percent of companies have repatriation programs. Only 27 percent of expatriates are even guaranteed a position after returning from assignment. The vast majority are left to find their own path home and secure a domestic position within or outside the company. There are many things an organization can do to make the transition easier, less stressful, and more successful."
Contact: Charles Epstein,

A New Year's Resolution You Can Take to the Bank
Dr. Robert Mines
Mines & Associates
Financial wellness is more than a personal issue, as more companies are implementing the service for their workforce, which makes sense when you consider that 39% of employees say they spend three hours or more each week on issues related to personal finance. And bad money management is more than a product of bad habits -- it often stems from deep-seated psychological issues. Whereas money managers focus on budgeting, retirement planning and risk tolerance, financial wellness experts address money management as a perception issue: how you see money is as important as how you spend it. Says Mines: "People can fundamentally improve their fiscal habits by making modest, incremental changes, beginning with subtle shifts in perspective -- and life 'hacks,' such as visualizing your future to defer immediate gratification (and promote savings). As we turn the corner on holiday spending, it's a good time to consider financial wellness among your new year's resolutions."
Contact: Charles Epstein,



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