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Jul 13, 2015, 11:45 ET from ProfNet

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  • Greece's Financial Crisis
  • Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • BP Settlement Provides Offshore Lessons
  • 50% of Americans Were Hacked in 2014 – How to Increase Cybersecurity, Restore Privacy
  • RFID Use by Major Retailers on the Rise
  • Importance of Digital Assets on Upswing
  • Mobile Advertising and Apps a Must for Every Business
  • Creating Value With Compelling Content


  • Weekly Reporter – Sun Chronicle (MA)
  • Writer – The Cooperator (NY)
  • Sports Writer – Grants Pass Daily Courier (OR)


  • Ways Journalists Can Use Reddit
  • How to Get the Most of a Writers Conference
  • Radio Boston's Meghna Chakrabarti on the Art of Listening


Greece's Financial Crisis
Denise Dimon
Associate Provost for International Affairs; Director, Ahlers Center for International Business
University of San Diego
Greece's latest request for a bailout of some $50 billion euros may make some lose patience with the already debt-plagued country, but it's important to note that the crisis could have been averted if the International Monetary Fund and other creditors took a different approach several years ago, says Dimon: "While Greece certainly shares some of the blame for the current crisis, the creditors have continued to require Greece to endure very contractionary economic policies, when their economy was already suffering severe recession. Greece needs to grow to be able to pay back its debts." Dimon believes that if Greece exits the euro currency -- either by force or by choice -- it may signal the ultimate collapse of the eurozone, if not the entire European Union. "The end result will be a sharp decline in the value of the euro, which will adversely affect world markets -- and this could have been avoided if the IMF and other creditors took a different approach back in 2010. When the United States was in recession in 2008-2009, we did not cut government spending and raise taxes -- just the opposite. If the new bailout package continues to focus only on more of the same contractionary policies, Greece will be back in the same situation again in a few months and uncertainty in the eurozone will continue to impact world markets."
Dimon is available to discuss the current financial crisis in Greece and its impact on the world economy. In addition, Olga Kachramanoglou, an MBA student from the ALBA Business School in Athens, has just arrived in San Diego to study at USD this summer. She can comment on what she has experienced in her country, the complexity of the situation, and how tourists should not be afraid to travel there.
Contact: Liz Harman,

Generational Differences in the Workplace
Dr. James Glenn
Assistant Full-Time Professor, Finance, Management & Business
Argosy University, Washington, D.C.
"For the first time in generations, we have three distinct generational types working together: the Millennials, Gen Xer's, and Boomers. From an organizational standpoint, this poses a myriad of work related issues that managers must grapple with. A contingency form of leadership is required now more than ever, where a leader's behavior and actions are contingent on the audience to whom he/she is speaking."
Dr. Glenn can speak to these issues and how a personality test, such as the Myer's Brigg's personality profile, used in conjunction with generational predispositions, can enable managers to work through these issues and create a high-performing team. He can also speak to quantitative and qualitative research methods and business valuation and financial forecasting.
Contact: Mandy Wilson,

BP Settlement Provides Offshore Lessons
David Baay
Energy Litigation and Crisis Management Attorney
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP, Houston
The $18.7 billion settlement ending most of the litigation with BP over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill demonstrates the effectiveness of the federal Oil Pollution Act and Clean Water Act. Says Baay: "With the risk of even higher penalties looming over BP, the settlement makes sense. This event provides a dramatic illustration of the need for a carefully planned safety oversight system to avoid such future events, as well as a detailed safety process and crisis management plan for rapid response. In addition to the punitive fines and penalties in place, you can be sure the federal government will continue to regulate the industry so that it has the most advanced, properly maintained well-control equipment and a proven capping technology to prevent a prolonged spill and catastrophic environmental damage."
Baay was a member of the legal team representing Transocean in the BP oil spill litigation.
Contact: Kit Frieden,

50% of Americans Were Hacked in 2014 – How to Increase Cybersecurity, Restore Privacy
Anthony Perez
"Fifty percent of Americans were hacked in 2014. Organizations and industries -- big or small -- are targeted and attacked. Will you be the next victim? Hackers are becoming a lot bolder, committing online security breaches with ease, in effect, costing the economy $445 billion annually."
Based in Los Angeles, Perez is a former Wall Street executive and financial adviser turned cybersecurity advocate and solutions-provider. He is available to discuss cybersecurity, privacy, identity theft, cyberattack, hacking, online security, consumer rights, consumer protection, cyberterrorism and technology.
Contact: Rajan De Los Santos,

RFID Use by Major Retailers on the Rise
Melanie Nuce
Vice President, Apparel and General Merchandise
"After seeing the proven benefits of RFID in pilot programs, both manufacturers and retailers are realizing its many long-term business advantages. As industry collaboration and discussion grows, it will be difficult for companies to ignore RFID's role as a critical enabler of inventory visibility and the seamless customer experience."
Nuce, a retail industry technology veteran, is available to discuss the recent expansion of radio frequency identification (RFID) use by major retailers such as Macy's, Target, and Amazon. This activity confirms RFID is reaching a critical mass after quietly gaining momentum over the last few years, as omni-channel retailing became essential to trading partner success. RFID provides manufacturers and retailers with inventory visibility, which is crucial to fulfilling the demands of a consumer that is accustomed to an "always open, always on" shopping experience.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Kaitlin Friedmann,

Importance of Digital Assets on Upswing
Frances Smith
Bankruptcy Attorney
Shackelford, Melton, McKinley & Norton, LLP, Dallas
"In a business bankruptcy, the trustee has a fiduciary obligation to creditors to maximize the value of all property. But the question of what constitutes property in the digital age is proving to be an increasingly vexing one for the courts to answer. The term 'property' no longer means just three-dimensional, traditional items. We are seeing interest in digital assets playing a far greater role in bankruptcy proceedings. As their value comes into sharper focus, their importance cannot be overlooked by the courts. We saw this with the RadioShack bankruptcy where its voluminous database of customer information was among the company's most valuable assets, and recently in Houston where a retailer spent time in jail for refusing to turn over passwords to social media accounts connected to his bankrupt business."
Contact: Rhonda Reddick,

Mobile Advertising and Apps a Must for Every Business
Dev Gandhi
"My experience within the mobile advertising space led me toward the understanding that running fast, powerful, world class apps is essential for virtually every business. But only the largest and most sophisticated companies have experience in the kind of rapid-scale, high-performance backend infrastructure necessary to power these apps. I found the answer to be in the possibilities MBaaS has to offer."
Gandhi is an expert in mobile development and the mobile economy, as well as technology trends as they relate to mobile. He founded Nexage, which was eventually sold to Millennial Media for $108 million. His most current venture is moBack, a new enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) company. One of the key products of moBack is moBack Enterprise, a self-deployable MBaaS platform that helps developers build and deploy mobile and Web apps faster and at a lower cost. With moBack's self-deployable platform, businesses now have instant access to an easy, secure and scalable backend platform to develop mobile apps, while enjoying full control and customization capabilities. This announcement marks the launch of a multi-phase rollout of the cloud-based platform, which allows large enterprises and startups to rapidly scale their existing infrastructure to roll out mobile and Web apps.
Contact: JoAnn Yamani,

Creating Value With Compelling Content
Juperi Johnson
Content Blogger
"Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say it for you. Although the interactions with your audience should be spontaneous, it's important to create value through compelling content down to the fine details. And although there are some practices that work for a majority, engaging with your audience is a challenging game of trial and error. What most marketers and savvy PR managers don't realize is in order to draw attention to your brand, organization, or cause – building an emotional connection through content marketing should be included into all of your communication efforts."
Johnson can speak on SEO tips and social media; pertinent legislative issues affecting our education system, specifically Montessori School matters; parenting/fitness from a perspective of a mother of twins. She advocates for early childhood education while spearheading PR campaigns/blogs/social media efforts for various nonprofit organizations in New Mexico, promoting change for our youth.
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