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Dec 04, 2013, 13:50 ET from ProfNet

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  • Managing Higher Ed Costs to Temper the Tuition Competition Crunch
  • Personal Injury Claims After Metro-North Train Derailment


  • Reporter – Wall Street Journal (PA)
  • Multimedia Editor – The Ottawa Herald (KS)
  • Online Editor – Outside Magazine (NM)


  • Media 411: Interns Who Sue
  • Blog Notes: Theme Parks, Food & Green Living Blogs
  • The Q&A Team: How to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas


Managing Higher Ed Costs to Temper the Tuition Competition Crunch
Greg Charleston
Senior Managing Director
Conway MacKenzie Inc.
Student loan debt continues to rise at a rapid pace. Student loans are second largest form of consumer debt after home mortgages. This issue combined with the difficulty that that graduates are having finding good paying jobs and paying off loans are going to begin having an impact on higher education institutions in the U.S. As availability of student loans level off and decrease and as students begin to focus more on the relative value gained from a college degree, tuition rates are going to become more and more competitive. Says Charleston: "The world of higher education is at the beginning of a major overhaul. Higher education institutions have been somewhat shielded from reality due to the ever increasing availability of student loans and historically inelastic demand for higher education regardless of the tuition rate. Now things are changing and many educational institutions are not going to have the self-awareness to adapt to these changes. Revenue from state government institutions has already begun to decline. Tuition rates are beginning to level off and will potentially begin to decline as student loans become more and more difficult to obtain."
Charleston is a turnaround professional with the following designations: Certified Turnaround Professional, CPA, and Certified Financial Analyst. He also earned a bachelor's in business administration and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He will be the president of the Turnaround Management Association's Atlanta chapter starting Jan. 2014.
Media Contact: Debbie Fitzgerald,

Personal Injury Claims After Metro-North Train Derailment
David Perecman
Personal Injury Attorney
The Perecman Firm
"Injury victims and families of those killed in the Dec. 1 Metro-North train derailment in the Bronx have only 90 days to file notices of claims with the court. This deadline will likely pass before transportation and safety agencies release the official cause of the derailment. It's vital for passengers and family members impacted by the derailment to act swiftly if they choose to seek compensation for injuries or wrongful death."
For 30 years, Perecman has championed all types of personal injury cases, including commercial and residential construction accidents, premises accidents, pedestrian accidents, subway accidents, automobile accidents and medical malpractice. He is available to comment on what it takes to prove negligence in a case like the Metro-North train derailment, how the firm works on a contingency basis (no financial outlay for plaintiffs) and what challenges victims face in filing a lawsuit against a public transit authority. He is located in New York.
Media Contact: David Paul,



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