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Apr 17, 2013, 15:54 ET from ProfNet

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  • Myriad Genetics Supreme Court Case
  • Boston Marathon: National Security Starts With You
  • Investing in Agriculture


  • Senior Investment Writer – Kiplinger's Personal Finance (DC)
  • Publisher – New Mexico Magazine (NM)
  • Beat Reporter – Rock Springs Newspaper (WY)


  • Start Spreadin' the News!
  • The Art of 'Casting' a Story
  • Grammar Hammer: Get the Lead Out



Myriad Genetics Supreme Court Case
Mark Janis, J.D.
Center for Intellectual Property Research Director
Indiana University Maurer School of Law
"Many have argued about what 'isolated' would mean in its biological sense, but that doesn't get us very far. Instead, the Court should recognize that it's dealing with a question about the meaning of a term of art in patent drafting, not about a term that can be defined precisely in science. The use of the word 'isolated' in the patent context is a longstanding drafting convention. It's a more elegant way of saying that whatever is being claimed, it's not the natural entity. The Court would be far better off dispensing with imponderables like the meaning of 'nature' and the scientific definition of 'isolated' and come to the case instead as a referendum on the common language of the patent community."
Intellectual property expert and professor Mark Janis is available to discuss the current Supreme Court case, "Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics" (arguments heard on April 15). According to Janis, who is also the Robert. A. Lucas Chair of Law, the case isn't about whether genes can be patented, but rather the definition of one word – isolate – as a term of patent law, and the Supreme Court should focus on that definition, rather than trying to retrofit a definition of isolation into a scientific context. Janis' biography can be seen here:
Media Contact: Brianne O'Donnell,

Boston Marathon: National Security Starts With You
Phrantceena Halres
Total Protection Services International
"The events that occurred at the Boston Marathon are an unfortunate, tragic reminder that as citizens we must always remain aware, alert and diligent. Individuals must hone a 'sixth sense' that helps them detect, anticipate, and plan for danger in advance of it happening. People innately know when something is wrong, dangerous, or just 'off' and in those situations it's imperative to take action rather than just brushing it off. Rather than taking panic-driven action when a catastrophic event occurs, we must collectively focus on preparedness and prevention. We need to teach every citizen that national security begins with them. With each act of terrorism, whether originating from foreign lands or homegrown, we tend to point the finger over who's not doing their job to keep us safe — but then complain about why we can't carry more than three ounces of sunscreen in our carryon bags catching a flight for vacation."
Halres is available to talk about what citizens can do so that they're taking the steps to ensure national security.
Media Contact: Merilee Kern,

Investing in Agriculture
Matthew Stepp
Senior Policy Analyst
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
"Climate change is a fact, and we need to focus public policy on adaptation strategies that can mitigate the impacts on systems such as agriculture." ITIF and the London School of Economics have released the new report, "Feeding the Planet in a Warming World," which calls for enhanced investment in agricultural innovation to address the impacts of climate change on food production.
Stepp is also the author of "Lean, Mean, and Clean II: Assessing DOD Investments in Clean Energy Innovation" and "Shifting Gears: Transcending Conventional Economic Doctrines to Develop Better Electric Vehicle Batteries." He is based in Washington, D.C.
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Media Contact: William Dube,



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