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Dec 20, 2013, 16:10 ET from ProfNet

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  • Better Treatment for Thyroid Disease
  • Staying Organized During the Holidays
  • EPA Looking at Vapor Intrusion Requirements


  • Sports Reporter – La Grande Observer (OR)
  • Editor – The Cassville Democrat (MO)
  • Web Producer – Newsday (NY)


  • Blog Notes: Cooking and Men's Product Blogs
  • Where's the Print Industry Going?
  • Media 411: Revealing Confidential Sources


Better Treatment for Thyroid Disease
Janie A. Bowthorpe M.Ed.
Thyroid Patient Advocate and Author
Stop the Thyroid Madness LLC
"Thyroid patients worldwide had to take the bull by the horns at the turn of the 21st century after 50 years of extremely poor thyroid treatment."
Bowthorpe began the Stop the Thyroid Madness movement about patient experiences and wisdom towards better treatment protocols, which include natural desiccated thyroid, better lab work, and higher understanding of problems experienced by thyroid patients and how to treat them. She is available to discuss better hypothyroid treatment;
how to treat adrenal fatigue/low cortisol; hypothyroid or Grave's disease symptoms; why so many are having thyroid problems; Hashimoto's disease and how to treat it; how to find a good doctor; how to work with a difficult, close-minded doctor; patient experiences with doctors; successful patient experiences vs. doctor opinions; why patients don't respect endocrinologists; why some thyroid meds better than others; what natural desiccated thyroid is; problems with the FDA; global patient revolution for better treatment. She has written the No. 1 thyroid book on the market, "Stop the Thyroid Madness; a Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Thyroid Treatment."
ProfNet Profile:
Expert Contact:  

Staying Organized During the Holidays
Donna David
Home and Life Organizer
Donna David and Company
"The holidays are here and so is the dreaded holiday chaos. Everyone's rushing to buy presents, organize parties and host family members and friends in their homes. How to cut down on the confusion? One quick way is to organize your home before Christmas and New Year's. First, prepare a 'to do list' with all the tasks that need to be performed and designate a completion date for each task. Next, delegate tasks to family members. Everyone needs to be involved. Regarding gift-giving, compile your list and keep it simple, focused. What do your gift recipients really need? Cash and gift cards are ideal. How many times did you receive a gift that you never utilized? Do set a gift giving budget and stick to it. Finally, clean your home. Prioritize rooms of importance to clean. What rooms will you be entertaining in? The kitchen, living and dining rooms, bathrooms and of course the guest rooms for those sleeping over. Declutter areas wherever possible and place those items in a box until after the holidays. Make room in those closets -- for holiday party guests' coats and in guest rooms for those staying with you. If you get organized you'll truly enjoy the holidays."
David is available to discuss tips for staying organized during the holidays as well as tips for staying focused during holiday gift-giving.
Media Contact: John Goodman, 

EPA Looking at Vapor Intrusion Requirements
Fran Phillips
Environmental Attorney
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP in Dallas
"Hazardous vapors migrating through a building's basement or foundation from contaminated soil or groundwater and potentially creating health problems for occupants is a growing concern. Although many states have vapor intrusion requirements, they have rarely been part of environmental due diligence when buying a property. That could change in 2014, as, under Environmental Protection Agency regulations, EPA or American Society of Testing Methods standards must be used in the testing for these potential hazards, which range from radon to mold growth to gases from underground storage tanks. New ASTM standards call for investigation of vapor intrusion as part of the Environmental Site Assessment in all real estate transactions. For the first time, vapor intrusion has specifically been identified as a form of pollution to be addressed in the ESA. Vapor intrusion is poised to become an important issue in real estate transactions, regulatory investigation and cleanups, and even litigation."
Media Contact: Rhonda Reddick,


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