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Dec 27, 2013, 11:49 ET from ProfNet

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  • Juror Googling: Avoid Criminalizing It
  • EPA Looking at Vapor Intrusion Requirements
  • Holiday Price Warfare: Battling for Consumer Wallets


  • Entertainment Editor – Los Angeles News Group (CA)
  • Sports Copy Editor – The Tuscaloosa News (AL)
  • Crime Reporter – The Daily Progress (VA)


  • Words to Retire in 2014: Why Twerk Must Go But Selfie Can Stay
  • Media 411: Top Stories of 2013 Roundup
  • SPOTLIGHT: Yamiche Alcindor, USA Today


Juror Googling: Avoid Criminalizing It
Kimberly Priest Johnson
White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney and Jury Analyst
Priest Johnson PLLC in Dallas
"A move in Great Britain to criminalize juror information-gathering outside the courtroom is an overreaction and one the U.S. would do best to avoid. Despite the routine admonishment from judges to avoid such research, especially on the Internet, the cases of people violating that rule are many. But criminalizing this behavior is overkill and impractical. Juror misconduct has always been an area where the presiding judge and the power of a contempt order have been sufficient. There is no proof that tougher action is needed. Criminalizing such conduct would remove a court's ability to speak openly with the juror in question and find out what happened, since that would lead to self-incrimination."
Media Contact: Mark Annick,

EPA Looking at Vapor Intrusion Requirements
Fran Phillips
Environmental Attorney
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP in Dallas
"Hazardous vapors migrating through a building's basement or foundation from contaminated soil or groundwater and potentially creating health problems for occupants is a growing concern. Although many states have vapor intrusion requirements, they have rarely been part of environmental due diligence when buying a property. That could change in 2014, as, under Environmental Protection Agency regulations, EPA or American Society of Testing Methods standards must be used in the testing for these potential hazards, which range from radon to mold growth to gases from underground storage tanks. New ASTM standards call for investigation of vapor intrusion as part of the Environmental Site Assessment in all real estate transactions. For the first time, vapor intrusion has specifically been identified as a form of pollution to be addressed in the ESA. Vapor intrusion is poised to become an important issue in real estate transactions, regulatory investigation and cleanups, and even litigation."
Media Contact: Rhonda Reddick,

Holiday Price Warfare: Battling for Consumer Wallets
Graeme McVie
Shopper Analytics Expert
Last holiday season, the day after Christmas was one of the busiest days for shopping-related search queries, according to Google. And this year, holiday spending is expected to increase by 11 percent, according to Experian. Says McVie: "As retailers look to slash prices to remain competitive during the holidays, they must be smart about which products they discount and the depth of discounting they offer."
Graeme is available to discuss holiday retail and shopper marketing stories and can share the optimal discounting strategy for retailers and how retailers can "control the bleed" in the midst of competitive discounting.
Media Contact: Tim Sansbury,  



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