Proven Market Research Technology Is Changing the Branding Platform

Christie Communications' Conversion Market Research™ increases marketing accuracy while reducing waste

Oct 08, 2010, 06:25 ET from Christie Communications

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- "This call is interesting. I never had a marketing call like this and it's interesting, it makes me interested in trying them [international artisan cheese products]". "Now that we've talked and my interest is piqued, I could definitely see myself wanting to try them." These are real answers from real people willingly participating in a recent nationwide Conversion Market Research ™ study.  Why are the respondents so excited to speak to the researchers and eager to convert to a new product? The answer lies in the proven research technology, Conversion Market Research, developed by Founder and CEO, Gillian Christie of Christie Communications (

"It is a crime that advertising agencies and marketing companies spend millions of their clients' dollars developing catchy ads or marketing messages that are not based on the results of research like ours," proclaims Christie. "Conversion Market Research is not based on ridiculous coerced focus group responses or psychographic analysis of purchased data bases. Conversion Market Research is not based on thousands of internet 'interviews' from ambiguous respondents. Conversion Market Research is a precise one-on-one technology that requires respect, personal interest, and specific customized questioning written to evoke emotional response. Conversion Market Research requires in depth training in communications skills of its researchers to ensure each personal contact is authentic, interested, polite and able to accurately duplicate the answers obtained."

Conversion Market Research follows a precise technology:

  • Research Goals Assessment of client;
  • Existing Scene data collection;
  • Assets and liabilities of current buying decisions;
  • Ideal Scene definition;
  • Opinion leader identification;
  • Analysis of Mental-Metrics™;
  • Identification of Affinity Activators;
  • Product launch prioritization;
  • Platform development of Ethical Iconic Brand Strategy.

Christie Communications' Conversion Market Research gets results in multiple industry channels.

"If we can get rid of pollutants in our environment, we can do the same with marketing and advertising," exclaimed Christie. "It is time to value the consumers and their views and value what and how we communicate to them through advertising and media. It is time to put respect and honesty back into communications. It is the time to end 'mass' marketing because it is based on a lie. There is no 'mass', there are individuals and Conversion Market Research listens to them and considers each one important."

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