Rapid, Continuous Innovation and Dazzling Experiences Will Draw Cautious Consumers Back to Stores

GlobalShop offers all the insights and products retailers need to make their stores resonate with today's demanding new shoppers

Jan 13, 2010, 05:15 ET from GlobalShop 2010

ATLANTA, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's post-recession shoppers have changed fundamentally, demanding that retailers understand them better, connect with them more emotionally, and dazzle them continually with exciting experiences.

To serve this "new normal" internet-empowered, value-conscious consumer, retailers must continuously and rapidly innovate, breaking down typical corporate silos and focusing more intensely than ever on the shopper.

All the tools for success in today's challenging new environment can be found at GlobalShop 2010, the largest store design and at-retail marketing show in the world. When innovation is make or break, retailers and suppliers can't afford to fall behind or miss an opportunity to connect with the top minds in the business. Thousands of buyers representing the most successful retail chains and the Top 200 Global Brands will be in Las Vegas, March 10-12.

And in an era where integration of disciplines is increasingly important, the six shows under one roof at GlobalShop, from visual merchandising to design and operations, to digital and marketing services, mean that interrelated innovations can be seen all at once. More than 700 exhibitors will showcase over 10,000 products from newest P.O.P. displays and store fixtures to digital signage and technology solutions.

Here are some key retail trends identified by GlobalShop conference speakers Wendy Liebmann, WSL/Strategic Retail; Tom Moseman, Envirosell; Joe Feczko, Macy's; Lee Peterson, WD Partners; and Ken Nisch, JGA.  

  • Shoppers will remain more cautious, deliberate and value oriented. Today is the new normal. Adapt to it. Rapidly.
  • Online has empowered shoppers with information, yet they have not rejected brick and mortar stores. But they want to be dazzled and have an emotional experience when they shop.
  • This means retailers must better understand their shoppers on an emotional level, not just with demographics.
  • In order to create a compelling environment, retailers will have to integrate data mining with a synchronization of all retail disciplines: visual merchandising, store fixturing, design and operations, digital, point-of-purchase and marketing services. No more silos.
  • Retailers will have to innovate continually, making it more urgent to stay on top of trends and network with colleagues and suppliers. It's no longer enough to develop a prototype store, test it, reset all stores and then forget it. The new normal is a fleet of stores in constant flux.

To register to attend GlobalShop or for information on exhibiting, go to: www.globalshop.org.

SOURCE GlobalShop 2010