Romney Family Entrepreneur Retains TransMedia Group To Position Near-Zero Emission Catalytic Converter Addressing Obama's New Federal Emissions Standards

Jul 01, 2013, 05:20 ET from TransMedia Group

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mary Anne Romney, CEO of Arvus Global LLC, has retained TransMedia Group for a worldwide communications program to support its FPCTech OEPI™ near-zero emission catalytic converter technology, which is poised to take center stage in addressing climate change.

Thomas J. Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group, one of the nation's leading PR firms in launching new products and technologies, said it will highlight the unprecedented capabilities of the OEPI™ near-zero emission catalytic converter developed by internationally acclaimed scientist Dr. Francois P. Cornish, founder of FPCTech. 

Romney, CEO and co-founder of the new Sandy, UT based technology firm Arvus Global, said TransMedia will communicate the benefits of this breakthrough minimal emission technology, which will allow manufacturers to comply with the newly adopted federal emissions standards.

"TransMedia will handle corporate public relations in the US and abroad for our exclusive world-wide marketing license agreement for the OEPI™ near-zero emission catalytic converter," Romney said. 

A nominee for the Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor Cornish has applied his inventive genius toward benefiting mankind, by developing an inexpensive, sustainable, clean energy technology that is the ultimate answer to the new emission standards announced by the Obama Administration, Madden said.

"Our efforts will demonstrate how this remarkable non-platinum based technology supersedes current catalytic converter technology and is operable in automobiles, trucks and ships, and for aviation applications," said Madden, who was a top executive at NBC and American Broadcasting Companies before establishing TransMedia Group.

"We will show how OEPI™ catalytic converter technology can run on any carbon-based fuel including jet fuel, bunker oil, diesel and gasoline, and even coal," he added.  

"Our public relations program will emphasize that this is the only certified zero emissions technology system in the world."

Arvus Global is currently exploring possible joint venture partnerships in response to Obama's June announcement for "sweeping measures" in the U.S. regarding limitations on emissions, together with the EU implemented auto emission requirement of less than 95g of CO2 per Km on automobiles.

Media contact: Glen Calder 561-750-9800 x216 ( or Judith Czelusniak, x232 (  Parties interested in learning more about this technology or partnering opportunities may contact Mary Anne Romney 801-440-0383.

SOURCE TransMedia Group