Roto-Rooter Denver: Unlicensed Bathroom Installations Can Cause Ongoing Problems

A Rhode Island school is dealing with licensing issues and construction permits years after a new bathroom was installed. Roto-Rooter Denver commented on this unique situation.

Dec 04, 2012, 06:00 ET from Roto-Rooter Denver

DENVER, Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- An article published in The Valley Breeze reported on the discovery that a bathroom in a school administration building was installed without a permit required by law. Rhode Island law requires a licensed plumber to install bathroom fixtures such as toilets. The article states the maintenance employee who installed the toilet was licensed only as a pipe-fitter. A professional plumbing company serving both residential and business customers, Roto-Rooter Denver, took note of this interesting situation.

The article notes the problem is of special interest because the bathroom was installed, in part, to meet the needs of children. Preschool age students often visit the school administration building to undergo age-appropriate academic tests. A small toilet that sits closer to the meeting space was installed to meet the needs of these children.

According to the Buildings and Grounds Director quoted in the article, the facility gets little use. The article also cited information provided by the Municipal Building Official. His statements indicated the bathroom was installed in the building in 2010. At that time, the school employees failed to forward to Town Hall the paperwork needed to obtain a plumbing permit.

In a statement, Roto-Rooter Denver commented: "It is always important to follow local building codes when installing new bathroom fixtures. Unfortunately, honest mistakes can sometimes occur, and this appears to be the case for the Rhode Island school. Home and business owners can rest assured Roto-Rooter allows only licensed and insured professionals to perform work that requires a plumbing permit."

According to the article, informal inspections have indicated no danger to those who use the bathroom facility. Furthermore, the school will be expected to pay a state permit fee which is based on a calculated percentage of the value of the work. The state may also follow its inspection procedures in response to the issue.  

In the meantime, the article reports a licensed plumber contracted by the town to perform plumbing work will inspect the commode. The previous work is not subject to the typical town fee in this case, notes the article, which is at least some good news for the school.


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