Rx-360 to Hire a CEO to Implement its 2015 Business Plan

Aug 19, 2015, 09:00 ET from Rx-360

WASHINGTON, August 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Rx-360 announced today that it has released to the public the Rx-360 2015 Business Plan. The document outlines the direction and mid-term goals for the international consortium of companies involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Rx-360 was founded in 2009 as the global pharmaceutical industry's response to the heparin tragedy.  The business plan issued back then set out the strategy that led to the mobilization of over 100 organizations from 3 continents.  The 2015 updated document, now being made available to the public, discusses the progress made these years and describes how the consortium needs to change its modus operandi to overcome the challenges ahead while continuing to help make the pharmaceutical supply chain safe.

To expand its international role in supply chain security and to expand access to its audit report library, the organization needs to establish an independent infrastructure.  The first step in this direction is the hiring of a full time CEO for Rx-360.  

"In these 6 years, Rx-360 has established itself as the industry's voice for supply chain security.  Patient organizations and Regulators come to Rx-360 when they need an objective view to matters related to the challenges Industry faces as it fights fake medicines and works to develop a more robust supply chain.  We have set ambitious goals for ourselves, and feel we are making a difference," said Guy Villax, Rx-360 chair.

A copy of the Rx-360 2015 Business Plan can be found by visiting the consortium's website.

Click here for information on the Rx-360 CEO position (applications close on 26th August).

About Rx-360: 

Rx-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium, was formed in 2009 to support an industry-wide commitment to ensuring patient safety by enhancing quality and authenticity throughout the supply chain. The organization's mission is to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes related to the integrity of the healthcare supply chain and the quality of materials within the supply chain. To fulfill this mission, Rx-360 has workstreams related to: conduction and sharing of audits, supply chain security, monitoring and reporting, Asia-focused efforts, supplier-focused efforts, and external relations, communications, and membership. To learn more about Rx-360, please visit http://www.Rx-360.org or email info@rx-360.org.

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