, Mexico's Second Largest and Fastest Growing News Site, to Launch in USA to Appeal to Hispanic Audiences

Jan 29, 2014, 08:00 ET from

MEXICO CITY, Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --, an independent news site in Mexico and the second largest and fastest growing news site in the country based on comScore data, today announced it will be launching in the U.S. in the summer of this year. launched in Mexico in 2007 and in less than a decade has garnered site traffic that outpaces nearly all of the traditional communication giants of the country – the only site receiving more unique visitors is the largest and oldest newspaper in Mexico, El Universal. *

The site is driven by in-depth reporting and political coverage presented for a "next generation audience," one that is focused and conditioned to consume information on the internet and through social media channels.

The news outlet will rename its presence in the U.S. as, SDPamerica. SDPamerica will focus deeply on issues and policies in the states and Mexico affecting the U.S. Hispanic population.

Federico Arreola, SDPNoticias managing director said, "We have grown to be the second largest news site in Mexico without a physical newspaper or the benefit of being part of a news gathering conglomerate because our journalists are doing two things extremely well: they are gathering and reporting on the news that matters most to our audience and they are doing it in a way and in an internet and social media-friendly language that today's Hispanic consumer is attracted to.  I affectionately call what we produce, 'geek news' because of the way we package and present the news. It's fresh and simple language that relates to the social media-focused user and is far different than our competitors who still remain on a format more suited for print material."

Many of's journalists are among the leading social media presences in Mexico – based on Facebook and Twitter fans and followers.  Equally, is one of the largest social media presences – earning one of the largest Facebook fan followings in the country. 

"We also believe there is a cultural gap with many Spanish speaking news sites and outlets in the U.S. who leverage news and political experts from Spain," said Arreola. "We believe there is a large number of the U.S. Hispanic population seeking a 'closer to home' news structure, one less in the European style and one more in a Mexican style."

SDPamerica will be headquartered in Los Angeles.

About, based in Mexico City, Mexico, is an independent, digital news organization.

Editor's Note:  * Originally reported by Vallarta Opina, a leading newspaper in the Mexican Pacific