SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions

Evidence of extraterrestrial contacts in Switzerland, said to be ongoing for 73 years, sent to scientists at SETI and recently formed NExSS Initiative

May 05, 2015, 07:30 ET from They Fly Productions

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In a variation on life imitating art, Dr. Jill Tarter of SETI, the real life inspiration for Jodi Foster's character in the movie Contact, was recently sent evidence of actual extraterrestrial contact, said to be ongoing in Switzerland for over 73 years. They Fly Productions, the American representative for the alleged contactee, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier of Switzerland, provided the evidence, also available on its website, to Dr. Tarter in response to her call for the public "to become active participants in the search for cosmic company." 

"The answer to the unasked question: 'Why would an advanced, space traveling race would want to have contact with us in our polluted, war wracked world?' is because it was intended to help us avoid situations like the environmental destruction – which they specifically foretold in 1951 – and the wars and terrorism that we now are facing," said Michael Horn of They Fly Productions. "Though previously unknown, the Plejaren race also offered contact to the Carter administration, in 1979…but it was turned down."

Horn said that the extraterrestrial craft were sighted on Swiss military radar near where Meier lives – over 230 times – and that Meier's evidence was first authenticated by scientific experts like NASA's Michael Malin and again, just last year, by Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock. Recently former NASA aerospace engineer, Matthew Wieczkiewicz, and Kenneth Smith, the Director of Operations at Orbital Launch System Group (Ret) also endorsed its authenticity.

"Once Dr. Tarter, the SETI and NExSS Initiative scientists have responded we'll provided them with further evidence, including 600 of Meier's authenticated photographs and over 26,000 pages of information," Horn said, adding that because the protocols used in the new independent analyses to authenticate Meier's photographic evidence are now also freely available to the public, anyone can use the same scientific method that SETI and the NExSS Initiative scientists will to perform their own tests.

"I think it's a delightful irony that Dr. Tarter may indeed turn out to be the real life version of Jodie Foster's character and lead official scientific recognition of the most important discovery in all of human history; that they came here to help and the rest is up to us," concluded Horn.

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