Spine Team Texas First In Dallas Area To Implant State-of-the-Art Chronic Pain Management Device

Availability of Precision Spectra Spinal Cord Stimulator Provides Patients with a New Treatment Option to Treat Chronic Pain

Mar 26, 2013, 10:00 ET from Spine Team Texas

DALLAS, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Spine Team Texas, a comprehensive spine center with facilities  serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, became the first facility in the region to implant a next generation spinal cord stimulator called Precision Spectra™ designed to provide pain relief to a wide range of chronic pain patients. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) uses an implantable medical device to help mask and reduce pain.  Precision Spectra is the world's first and only SCS device with 32 contacts and 32 dedicated power sources, which expands the level of coverage across the spinal cord and provides greater flexibility for physicians to treat chronic pain. The procedure was performed by Dr. Anthony Berg, an anesthesiologist fellowship-trained in spine pain management.

"Precision Spectra is the latest and most advanced SCS device available and Spine Team Texas is proud to be the first facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to offer this treatment," said Dr. Berg.  "We now have the potential to provide greater pain relief to patients who suffer from chronic, debilitating pain, which may lead to improved outcomes."

SCS is a type of therapy where a device called an Implantable Pulse Generator is placed into a patient's back and thin wires, or leads, are placed in the space above the spinal cord to best target the areas of pain. The ends of the leads contain contacts which send electrical impulses to nerve fibers selectively along the spinal cord, masking the pain message traveling to the brain. The painful sensation is replaced with a soothing, tingling sensation. Until now, SCS systems offered a maximum of 16 contacts and two lead ports. With twice the number of contacts and ports, Precision Spectra, developed by Boston Scientific, offers more coverage of the spinal cord and increased flexibility to adapt to broader and changing pain patterns.

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and may struggle to find effective relief through other therapies such as surgery and pain medication.

"Since spine pain can be very complex to treat, many patients cycle through various therapies before finding SCS," continued Dr. Berg.  "I would encourage anyone living with chronic spine pain to talk to their physician to see if SCS is right for them."

About Spine Team Texas

Spine Team Texas is a comprehensive spine center specializing in the treatment of neck and back pain, ranging from simple back or neck strains to the most complex spine surgeries. Through in-depth knowledge and a true team approach to spine care, Spine Team Texas physicians and medical staff are dedicated to treating patients conservatively through education, spine-focused physical therapy, nonsurgical treatments, and minimally-invasive spine surgery as a last resort when non-surgical treatment fails to provide long-term pain relief, or when medically necessary.

The comprehensive team includes physiatrists, specialized in acute spine pain management; neurosurgeons and an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in minimally-invasive spine surgery techniques; spine-focused physical therapists; anesthesiologists, fellowship-trained in chronic spine pain management; and on-site registered nurses who help patients return to everyday activities. Established in December 2004, Spine Team Texas is headquartered in Southlake, Texas. The practice opened a full service, sister-facility in March 2009 in Rockwall, Texas. Spine Team Texas expanded to open an additional clinic to serve the growing population of Northeast Tarrant county in Fort Worth, Texas (Alliance) in January 2013. For more information, please visit SpineTeamTexas.com or follow on Facebook at Facebook.com/SpineTeamTexas.

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