Sporting equipment distributor Anthem Sports now offering Germ Ninja, a sports ball sanitizer

Feb 04, 2013, 07:42 ET from Anthem Sports

PAWCATUCK, Conn., Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Anthem Sports, a leading distributor of brand name sporting goods and equipment, has announced that it is now selling the Germ Ninja - a revolutionary product designed to protect athletes, coaches, referees and anyone else handling sport balls from germs or disease that would otherwise be prevalent if not properly sanitized. Anthem is one of the first distributors to carry the product.

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Germs are all over the playing field. Athletes sweat, they come into contact with one another and bacteria spreads. Many schools have taken it upon themselves to prevent health risks. Last fall, a high school football game in Pennsylvania was canceled when multiple players were suffering from the same skin infection.

The Germ Ninja can go a long way toward alleviating health concerns. By sanitizing sport balls, germs are killed before they spread from one athlete to the next. Such germs can lead to diseases include H1N1, MRSA, Whooping Cough and many strains of the flu that can be spread when young people interact with each other. 

The Germ Ninja works by using a 243 nm wavelength light sanitizer to destroy all bacteria. This UV technology is lethal to all microorganisms, including those that could pose a health to equipment users.

The Germ Ninja's value is also in its ease of use. While baseballs and softballs are too small, the Germ Ninja can easily clean a number of standard sport balls such as volleyballs, basketballs and soccer balls in a short amount of time. In fact, the Germ Ninja can clean an entire basket of balls in a matter of minutes, so coaches can prepare quickly before games and sanitize the balls again directly after competition is over.

"The Germ Ninja is a truly revolutionary product that schools and sports organizations should consider as an investment to help insure the well-being of their athletes," said Mark Ferrara, President, Anthem Sports. "The Germ Ninja is quick and easy to use and is the most innovative product to hit the market in a long time."

The product sells for $3,295 and customers can purchase an optional ball cart with an anti-microbial liner for just $429.95, making the Germ Ninja a smart investment for any athletic program.

The Germ Ninja will alleviate the concerns of parents who are worried about the health of their young athletes during cold and flu season. Kids should be allowed to enjoy sports no matter what time of the year it is and with the Germ Ninja, they will be able to. By providing this product, Anthem Sports will help athletes healthy and happy as they compete.

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