St. Thomas University Offers 2-year Doctorate in Leadership and Management: Distance Education / Adult Education Program Expanded

Dec 20, 2010, 17:31 ET from St. Thomas University

MIAMI, Dec. 20, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- St. Thomas University is offering non-traditional students the opportunity to complete the Doctorate in Leadership and Management in just two years, online.  The University's focus is to train a new generation of leaders through this adult-centered, innovative doctoral program which combines cutting edge management and leadership theories with practical application to the working environment.  This new focus is one of the University's responses to needs of the emerging type of graduate student.  


University Provost Dr. Gregory Chan said that the quality and rigor of this doctoral program are equal to other programs at the University and that the support, flexibility and convenience of the Ed. D. in Leadership and Management program are among its greatest assets. The new grad students are working professionals with real world experience who seek to enhance their roles as organizational leaders and upgrade their skills in management, planning, design, evaluation, research and policy development in a variety of organizational settings and environments.  The Ed. D. in Leadership and Management caters specifically to that group of learners.

With no career interruption, students can complete the Ed. D. in Leadership and Management in just two years in a cohort format.  It is ideal for candidates who are interested in careers in various areas of senior management and leadership including administrators in state, federal, and international agencies; leaders in business and healthcare corporations; school superintendents, principals, directors and supervisors; professors and administrators in institutions of higher education; or directors and supervisors of educational services in for-profit corporations and non-profit agencies. Typically this group has deliberately postponed graduate study in favor of raising a family or other specific career or personal goals.  They are now ready for a doctoral degree like the one that St. Thomas University offers.  This degree is offered via distance education to create this a new generation of leadership.

As an accelerated program, the Ed. D. offers a broad spectrum of courses to meet individual student needs and to develop a diverse and scholarly community of learners.  A typical cohort of learners from government, business corporations, higher education, K-12 schools and health care is taught completely online by scholars and practitioners dedicated to ensure that learners complete all course work and graduate from this program within the designated time frame.

This program is designed for older, more experienced adults with lots to share and a desire to enhance their competence with new and useful knowledge and skills.  St. Thomas University has taken note of the changing face of the student population and has provided this innovative doctoral degree as one response to the needs of that particular student population. The Ed. D. in Leadership and Management program is supportive of the non-traditional graduate learner who must now balance work, family and personal life.  For information, please visit or contact Dr. Sheryl Malcolm Walters (email:; tel: 305-474-6902).

SOURCE St. Thomas University