STU Students A Living Proof Of Leadership Development

Jun 18, 2013, 16:32 ET from St. Thomas University

MIAMI, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Miami's St. Thomas University ( continues to address various leadership styles in America's youth. Most recently, President Obama cited STU alumnus and immigration activist Diego Sanchez for his engagement in pushing immigration reform with other national leaders representing an example of what diversity-rich America should be.


St. Thomas' School of Business has also developed graduate students' publishing skills. One of them – Bryan Licona - a Master of Science in Management student, has just completed writing two papers for publication in management journals.  The two papers have been submitted for publication and are currently under review and he will present one of the papers at a prestigious international conference in October. "The paper I will present in Chicago is about the leadership style of Simon Peter, the apostle who led the early Christian Church and how Peter's leadership can be applied by modern leaders today.  The second paper is about internal marketing, or the process of treating employees like valued assets and encouraging them to buy-in to a company's values and mission." The second paper is under review for the upcoming issue of the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research as a featured student-initiated publication. 

Both of the papers contain insights about the application of Licona's research about management and its application.  "Great academic papers contribute something new and offer insights for scholars as well as current day leaders," Licona explained.  "STU's School of Business has given me the opportunity to learn how to not only research current management principles and practices but to actually integrate that understanding and develop synergistic ways to add value to those ideas. I am applying now to doctoral programs, but I want to continue to write and hope to have five publications under review by the time I begin a PhD in 2014," he explained.  "I am currently working with STU Business School faculty on several projects related to leadership, ethics, and increasing employee commitment."

Another STU student was recently honored by the high-level research organization, National Council of Family Relations. Samantha Morris, a Masters student in Marriage and Family Therapy (2013), was selected to receive NCFR honors in June 2013. St. Thomas is simultaneously developing young leadership in other remote places. Graduates are engaging more and more at Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Zagreb, Croatia.

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