Supplement Leader MegaFood Unveils Bold Plan to Build Trust; Will Share Product Development Pipeline, Facility Audits, and More

Jul 23, 2015, 18:00 ET from MegaFood

DERRY, N.H., July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MegaFood, a pioneer in the natural products supplement category, today announced its plan to take transparency to the next level through an initiative called Big T Transparency. As one of the only natural channel brands that controls its production from farm to tablet, MegaFood is committed to becoming the most trustworthy supplement manufacturer in the natural channel. The company will be granting deeper access to its production processes, from ingredient sourcing to development, testing and even auditing. MegaFood will go beyond transparency to be next-level real with customers, retailers, employees, partners and the broader supplement industry.

"We want to challenge 'transparency' because we believe we can take what has become a popular marketing term to the next level. We will go beyond the expected and push the limits toward what we are calling Big T Transparency. At MegaFood we can create change in the industry by proving that it's not difficult or scary to peel back the curtain and we will confidently introduce the people behind our great products as well as share our processes from the inside out," said Robert Craven, MegaFood CEO. "We believe it takes a collection of trustworthy brands to build a trustworthy industry and it is important for us to play our part."

As MegaFood prepares to open its doors and share what is typically considered confidential information, they have the support of Andrew Weil, M.D. and Tieraona Low Dog, M.D, advisors and pioneers in the field of integrative medicine.  "I think transparency is vital to the success of the supplement industry.  I applaud the stand that MegaFood is taking and hope others will follow," says Andrew Weil, M.D.

MegaFood is launching these near-term Big T Transparency initiatives to continue building trust with customers:

  • Open Access to its Facilities and Strategies. Rather than just telling, MegaFood is set up to show how its supplements are made five days a week, 24 hours a day, simply by tuning in at MegaFood also offers regular tours of its New Hampshire facilities to retail customers and to the public during the company's annual "ZingMojo" festival. As a next level Big T Transparency effort, the company will publicly live-stream a portion of its employee town-hall meetings, giving customers an open-book view of company strategies and results.
  • Facility Audit Results Online. Taking a deeper dive, MegaFood will describe the results of its third party facility audits on its website, along with a brief video explaining the findings and steps taken to improve facility operations. Though granular, MegaFood's manufacturing and lab audits, conducted by credible, third-party organizations like FDA & NSF, demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement and earning customer trust.
  • Sharing New Product Development Plans. MegaFood will provide unprecedented access to its upcoming new products, showcasing what's to come from the brand and shining a light on what it takes to craft premium supplements including those products that never make it to the shelf and why. This will include MegaFood's high quality standards and protocols, its supply chain and ingredient testing, new and evolving testing procedures under consideration, including DNA testing, and the regulatory hurdles that must be cleared before a product makes it to market.
  • Sharing Industry-Leading Testing Processes and Results. MegaFood manufactures and tests its products on-site, including testing all raw materials, providing quality checks throughout the process and testing finished goods before they are bottled. By sharing this information, MegaFood will explain real time results to proactively build trust while also helping to address quality concerns that have been raised at the industry level.

"At a time of public uncertainty about the dietary supplement industry, for a company of MegaFood's stature to allow people to 'look behind the curtain' is both bold and unprecedented," says Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. "This level of transparency is great for the industry and the consumer."

To learn more about MegaFood and its culture, visit, or the MegaFood social media channels @MegaFood on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. To hear more from MegaFood CEO Robert Craven, visit the MegaFood blog.
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