The Death of the Marketing Agency-Client AOR Relationship?

Jan 13, 2016, 14:32 ET from RSW/US

CINCINNATI, Jan. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- RSW/US, the nation's leading outsourced lead generation and business development firm for marketing agencies doesn't see the AOR relationship between agencies and marketers going away…but they do see continued growth in the shift from AOR-based relationships to project work.

In its recently released 2016 New Year Outlook Report on agency and marketer perspectives the upcoming year, RSW/US asked marketers:  What percentage of the work you assigned to marketing agencies in 2015 was project work (billed separately from retainer relationships)?

Of the 165 marketing executives who responded, over 52% indicated that up to 40% of the work they assign to agencies is now project-based work.  Furthermore, over 40% expect project-based work to increase in 2016.

RSW/US Owner Mark Sneider states, "We see this shift happening among the agencies we represent as their outsourced business development group.  More marketers are pushing more work in pieces, rather than handing the entire relationship to one or two agencies."

"The proliferation of project work represents both an opportunity and a threat to agencies.  If you're an existing agency, you need to be on top of your game – all the time – because the agency down the street is looking to steal pieces of what you have."

"On the opportunity side, we see this play out with our clients at RSW/US.  When our clients win project work, they are able to leverage it into larger assignments as they build their relationship with the marketer."

Sneider stresses that agencies need to be aggressive - and more strategic - when looking for new business.  

He emphasizes, "With 100's of agencies knocking on marketer doors,  with marketers only listening to those agencies that have a compelling and differentiating story to tell, and given the pool of agencies used by marketers is not growing significantly, staying in front of the marketing prospects you want to work with is critical."

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