The Erotic Review Looks Back on 21 Years of Literate and Libidinous Fun With the Publication of Their New Limited Edition Book ER21

Oct 03, 2016, 14:34 ET from Erotic Review Magazine

LONDON, October 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

ER21 funds over 40% on Kickstarter in the first week from backers across the world 

The iconic magazine Erotic Review started in 1995 and this year marked its 21st birthday with a party for past and current contributors, simultaneously launching a publishing project for a new book, ER21, to celebrate 21 years of great literary sex. ER21 is available in two limited editions via the creators crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter; as well as the two editions there will also be a range numbered editions of erotic prints available.

Lisa Moylett, Erotic Review's publisher says "Currently we're a free online magazine supported entirely by voluntary contributions from writers and artists: we've been bowled over by the interest, in particular from the UK and US… this is an exciting - if somewhat nerve-racking - venture for us."

Ben Freeman of Ditto has designed ER21 in a way that encapsulates the appearance of the magazine from its earliest look to the way it presents itself now: the book not only revisits some of the best articles and images of two decades of Erotic Review's publication, but also uses some radical design: for instance a tattoo artist will be used to help in the design of ER21's covers.

Ben on ER21 "…..""I remember the Erotic Review from my misspent youth, and I'm really grateful for this opportunity to introduce the publication to a new audience and to discover some treasures in their archive."

Asked why he started Erotic Review magazine, it's founder and current editor, Jamie Maclean, said, "At the time, in the mid-90s, a lot of writing about sex was either salacious or mildly patronising - redtop or broadsheet. We wanted to do something very different - we thought it would be fun to publish a magazine where people wrote intelligently, enquiringly and amusingly about sex, to fill that gaping void between the 50s and 60s tabloid prurience and the humourless sobriety of the quality newspapers."

When Oxford-educated Rowan Pelling was handed the editorship in 1997, there was very much this "what's a nice-looking girl like you doing editing a magazine like this?' slant to the increasing number of pieces being written about ER (to which the cheerful answer was, "Well it's a filthy job and someone's got to do it").

This interest was welcomed, and under Pelling's dynamic editorship Maclean's starting point - that 'our largest sexual organ is the brain' - was both refined and amplified with an extraordinary range of authors providing some brilliant copy and the circulation peaked at 30,000.

So is ER still relevant today? Yes thinks Maclean, "there's still a need to write about sex intelligently and entertainingly: our sexual culture will always invite investigation, analysis and, indeed, commentary. Sex is an essential part of humanity, hardwired into our behaviour: so many changes have taken place in the last two decades that ER21 will be a fascinating record of those two decades: the rise and rise of Internet porn; the sexualisation of the media; gender fragmentation; new directions in feminism; the endorsement of gay culture; different concepts of sexual freedom in a mixed-culture society, and many more."

ER21 will look back over twenty-one years of extraordinary journalism, fiction, illustration and photography: a snapshot of two crucial decades. We're giving ourselves the 'Good Sex Award'.

ER21 is available on Kickstarter until 23rd October.

Erotic Review's publishers, Lisa Moylett and Jamie Maclean have also collaborated with Mariella Frostrup in creating an anthology entitled DESIRE: 100 of Literature's Sexiest Stories, due for release on the 6th October 2016

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