The Most In-demand Designs for Your Derrière by CSL

Oct 04, 2012, 13:58 ET from CSL

LONDON, October 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

When Mary Portas went out to inject some excitement into British pants production no one thought her new brand of knickers would make such an impact. In 'Mary's Bottom Line', Mary made it her mission to reinvigorate the UK's underwear industry, taking on eight unskilled apprentices and training them to produce the perfect pants. She designed a range of affordable underwear, made in Britain and with British materials that were as comfortable as they were cute. More than six months on, Mary's Kinky Knickers are still going strong. In fact, they are so in demand that the website has had to set up a page dedicated to helping you track a pair down as they keep selling out, and they've even increased their workforce to cater for the need for more Kinky Knickers!

Whether you've managed to get your hands on a pair of these precious pants or not, but you're looking for a bit more of Mary's Midas touch on your posterior, try looking to CSL Sofas. Back in early 2011, Mary made CSL the focus of one of her Secret Shopper shows and, as a result of the programme, CSL has introduced a number of innovative techniques to make shopping for a sofa even easier.

Whether you're looking at funky fabric models or the latest leather sofas from CSL, CSL has been following Mary's advice to make the shopping experience easier, from in store and on the web. They now have an 'Inspiration Station', which allows you to create a mood board for an entire room makeover, and a feature called 'In Your Room', where you can mock up an image of how your sofa will sit in your existing space. And with their 'Love It or Exchange It' guarantee, even if your sofa doesn't suit your surroundings, you won't be stuck with it.

So with everything at CSL designed to help you find your dream sofa, you can be confident you'll make the perfect choice for your home.

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