The perfect word is just a click away with's major thesaurus release

The first modern update to any thesaurus in 160 years

Nov 06, 2013, 08:00 ET from

OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --, the leader in online word discovery resources, announced today that it has revamped its thesaurus to include over 1,000 modern synonyms, in addition to more than 30,000 new terms for frequently looked up words. This is the first modern content update to any thesaurus in over 160 years and provides words that are vital to helping writers, professionals and students. The re-envisioned and the Thesaurus Rex iOS app provide not only modern, updated content, but a suite of helpful features and tools found only in these products to help people find the perfect word. Discover more by taking a tour!

For students, writers, grammarians, songwriters, poets or anyone seeking the perfect word, exclusive and proprietary features include:

  • Relevance: quickly ranks synonyms and gives you the "best match" for your searched word
  • Complexity: filters and adjusts synonyms on a scale to find words that are either more easy/simple or complex/difficult
  • Length: filters synonyms based on character count so you can find longer or shorter words -- perfect for writing sparse advertising copy or lengthening an essay
  • Favorites: create a short list of your favorite synonyms, for fast reference when writing
  • Examples & Tips: learn additional information with usage notes and example sentences 
  • Word Origin & History: understand new words in context
  • Rhymes & Syllables: rhyming dictionary allows you to sort by exact number of syllables

The new features and content help all writers and students, too

"Until now, if you wanted to write about the environment, internet, modern workplace or mainstream psychology, a thesaurus wouldn't have been much help, as terms common to each of those subjects would have been absent," said Michele Turner, CEO, "This update to not only adds new, relevant words, but provides the proper context for them so that you can understand which synonym is most applicable."

The updated and Thesaurus Rex iOS app include new terms that are common to themes which regularly make their way into today's most important and interesting conversation topics:

  • Going Green: sustainable, renewable, reusable, macro, seismic
  • The Web: meme, viral, timeline, subtext, database, modality
  • The Workplace: outsource, scalable, optimize, interdisciplinary, multitask
  • Cultural Terms: reinvent, polarize, zeitgeist, minimalist, subculture, reductive
  • Psychology: interpersonal, delusional, worldview, stressor, existential

Experience modern word discovery today at, or download it for your iPhone or iPad at  

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