The REACH Network of Hope for Addiction Delivers $3 of Care for Every $1 Donated

Mar 09, 2011, 09:30 ET from REACH

Working with local providers to treat alcohol and drug addiction, REACH is able to triple the value of care returned from donations based on 2010 results.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- REACH, a Newport Beach based nonprofit that helps local alcohol and drug addicts get immediate treatment regardless of financial situation, announced the findings of their 2010 performance analysis.  

"When defining the value of REACH in financial terms, the return on investment is extraordinary," said Rial Barnett, REACH Chairman of the Board. "For every one dollar received in donations for addiction treatment scholarships, REACH delivers $3 worth of actual care, immediately." Mr. Barnett continued, "Compared to other investments, this rate of return is clearly significant."

According to Jan Brewer, Executive Director of REACH, "The REACH Network of Hope, launched in 2010, is usually the last line of defense for many individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol. By partnering with local addiction treatment and sober living facilities in the network, we can provide care within a few hours after applying, regardless of their financial situation."  Ms. Brewer continued, "The fact that we can offer addiction treatment care to individuals, sometimes unemployed and homeless is wonderful.  However, when adding the ability for REACH donors to see real value for their contributions, the story gets even better."

"Through the Network of Hope, substance-addicted individuals who are committed to recovery can find financial aid in the form of Welcome Back Scholarships where REACH funds sober living arrangements and treatment while they get their lives back on track," said Paul Alexander of National Therapeutic Services, Costa Mesa, CA.  "As a treatment provider and member of the Network of Hope, NTS is happy to assist REACH in the battle against addiction."

"REACH receives scholarship funding via donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations.  We are looking to expand not only our donor base but also increase the number of treatment providers and sober living facilities.  By increasing donations we are able to treat more individuals suffering from addiction," said Karen Hinks, Development Director of REACH.  


REACH is an Orange County-based nonprofit organization committed to assisting in finding addiction treatment for anyone regardless of their financial situation. REACH has been involved with the local Orange County addiction community since 1998.  

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