Transmedia Group To Publicize Videos Satirizing Conflicting Attitudes Toward Israel, Including A Psychiatric Sketch That Concludes "If You're A Liberal Jew Having Trouble Hating Israel, You're Not Alone"

Sep 17, 2012, 05:20 ET from TransMedia Group

BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TransMedia Group said it was retained by Real Peace Middle East (,  a non-profit organization that believes maybe it's time to apply some satire about the chances of achieving  peace in the Middle East when all sides are so absurdly apart. 

The group plans to poke fun at the process in a thought provoking way as it chides delusionary attitudes and policies toward Israel in a trilogy of satirical webisodes.

TransMedia (, said it will publicize the wickedly funny trilogy of satirical two-minute webisodes to be shown on YouTube and on television news nationwide with the objective of making people see their own foibles in expecting the same result from radically different recipes destined to blow up the kitchen before any peace is served. 

The webisodes include a "Recipe for Peace" in which a 1950s-era TV chef mixes measuring cups of Intifadas, pours in helpings of Hezbollah, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, along with a soup son of Iran, some tidbits from newspaper headlines and kneads  dough shaped like Israel before putting all the ingredients into an oven that, of courses, explodes.

Another episode has a frustrated, but a "warm and tender" Prime Minister Netanyahu leaving such singing messages on Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas answering machine as  "call me. It's not too late to just call me."

"Our publicity will show how these video vignettes poke satiric fun at the almost schizophrenic  policies prevailing toward Israel that would be even more laughable, if they weren't so deadly serious, especially now after the recent tragedy in Libya," said TransMedia CEO Tom Madden.    

"Some biting humor may be just what the doctor ordered to cure the insanity that keeps people mistrusting one another," said Madden.  "Our publicity will underscore the absurdity of it all."

Real Peace Middle East co-founder Rabbi Sam Intrator, said this is not a Democratic or Republican program, but a humanitarian effort to bring about peace through better understanding of issues. 

Rabbi Intrator said he selected TransMedia because of the firm's sense of humor exhibited by having recently made Venus the Cat, the most widely known pussycat on the planet and having handed out toothbrushes throughout Manhattan to "fight glum disease" publicizing The Laugh Factory.

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