TransMedia to Introduce The Pill Timer™ Medication Management Operating System (O/S) Designed to Fit Prescription Vials Dispensed by Pharmacists to Help Pharmacy Customers Using Prescription Medication to Fight Illness

Jun 07, 2010, 05:20 ET from TransMedia Group

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Med Time Technology has retained TransMedia Group to publicize The Pill Timer™ (, the first RxCAP designed to fit prescription vials dispensed at the pharmacy and includes a medication management operating system (O/S) to help patients safely manage their prescription medications.

"We're ready to flash news about the most cost effective solution ever developed to help people and the medication related problems that occur in millions of homes," said TransMedia CEO Tom Madden (

"Our campaign will show how The Pill Timer™ is the most consumer friendly way to help people receive the full therapeutic benefits from their prescription medications, while reducing their risk of adverse drug events and the complications associated with treatment failures," he added.

"Our publicity will focus on this revolutionary product's introduction at Henry Ford Health Systems in Michigan this summer and at Health Mart Pharmacies and other pharmacies around the country where customers, for the first time, will receive their medication for chronic conditions combined with an effective medication management system." This unprecedented program is a result of collaboration between Med Time and Rexam, the world's largest manufacturer of prescription vials.

TransMedia's Director of Broadcast Publicity JP Hervis said the firm will offer testimonials by nurses and pharmacists about the effectiveness of The Pill Timer.

"We selected TransMedia because of its track record in drawing media attention to innovative health and medical products," said Ian Shendale, CEO of Med Time Technology.  TransMedia will make health and medical professionals available to explain how The Pill Timer helps seniors remember to take their meds and why The Pill Timer™ flashing light is red because it's the last color many Alzheimer's patients remember."

TransMedia plans to publicize research about the severity of the enormously costly overdose and under dose problem in America, including a study that reports that a high percentage of hospital readmissions were related to poor medication management.

"We intend to alert media to the story behind the development of The Pill Timer, after Craig Schreiber, President of Med Time lost his mother and learned how poor medication adherence costs not only lives, but our healthcare system hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

"This motivated him to create an effective solution for patients, consumers and caregivers struggling to effectively manage a chronic illness or fight a threatening disease," Madden said.

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SOURCE TransMedia Group