Unloathe.com Retains TransMedia Group To Publicize How It Makes Low-Cost Shopping Online An Easier Alternative To Lugging Home Bulky Items From Wholesale Clubs

Apr 08, 2013, 05:20 ET from TransMedia Group

MIAMI, April 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Unloathe, (www.unloathe.com), a fast-growing, low-cost service that takes the stress out of shopping for those super-size bulky items at wholesale clubs by taking orders online and delivering them right to customer's door, has retained TransMedia Group to deliver publicity to its door.

TransMedia (www.transmediagroup.com) said its publicity will show how Unloathe.com customers can shop faster and walk lighter knowing someone else will take their orders online and home deliver all those heavy and bulky items wholesale club shoppers can't do without, such as water, soda, diapers, toilet, pet food and litter, detergents and thousands of other leading brand products.

"Our publicity will point out that members of Unloathe.com no longer have to worry about straining themselves with heavy and bulky products as they can buy them online directly from Unloathe.com, which in turn will deliver them right to their homes, and even unpack and put them on shelves if the customer wants," said Tom Madden, TransMedia CEO.

TransMedia's publicity also will underscore how Unloathe.com prices match or beat those at supermarkets or even at the wholesale clubs big box retailers and they will home deliver them for a flat $9.95, regardless of the order's size or weight.

"In easy steps, a customer can have their items on queue and their delivery date set," said TransMedia publicist Abby Blake. "Also they can browse hundreds of leading brands, choosing their favorites and pick the delivery date. Unloathe.com sends confirmation beforehand and if a customer needs to change the date, they can log in and easily change their order details," she added.

Unloathe.com is easy to navigate and shoppers can add, remove, delete, cancel or make changes in just a click, Blake added.

Jonathan Kadoch, whose title is "Chief Unloather," said he and his partners selected TransMedia because of the firm's strong background in publicizing web-based retail businesses. "We expect TransMedia will put the same wings on our PR that are already on our Unloathe.com logo as they deliver the story about how we remove the stress, difficulties and heavy burdens of shopping that most people loathe," he said.

According to TransMedia, publicity will expand as the company expands from currently serving more than 50 zip codes in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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SOURCE TransMedia Group