Varsity Weighs in on Cheerleading as Sport Debate

Jun 22, 2010, 18:01 ET from Varsity

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The debate about cheerleading as a school sport has figured prominently in the headlines this week. Quinnipiac University is in federal court in Connecticut to determine if the proposed elimination of its women's volleyball program violates participation requirements of Title IX. A key issue in the case hinges on whether Quinnipiac can count its cheerleading squad as a means to satisfy the participation requirements of Title IX in lieu of its volleyball team.

Jeff Webb, founder and CEO of Varsity Spirit, the leading organization in cheerleading, was called as an expert witness in the case. One of the questions in the case is whether school cheerleading can be counted as a sport specifically under Title IX's requirements. Such a designation could require that cheerleading's primary role would be to compete, meaning school cheerleaders would no longer be able to cheer on the sidelines as they do now.

"We support any effort that promotes cheerleading or that creates opportunities for women and girls," Webb said. "At the same time, we want to make sure that any sport designation does not take away the traditional role of cheerleading and that we preserve the very qualities that make cheerleading such an appealing activity for young people. I'm thinking of leadership, ambassadorship, service in the community: these are the character traits that cheerleading has always fostered."

Webb added, "Varsity's position is that we support all forms of cheerleading. This includes traditional school cheerleading as well as the popular derivation known as All Star. Varsity supports any development that gives a larger group of young people the opportunity to participate in cheerleading."

To eliminate potential confusion, one solution Varsity has recommended is to create a separate discipline – that is not called cheerleading – whose sole focus is competition. This new discipline may include some of the components of cheerleading; however, it should have a distinct look, format, name, and rules.

"Whatever resolution occurs, cheerleading must be allowed to retain its true values and function which have evolved over the past 100 years: leadership, spirit raising, entertainment, athleticism, and an element of competition," Webb said.

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