Vermont's First Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic Opens Doors with Advanced Astanza Duality Technology

Jan 29, 2014, 11:30 ET from Astanza Laser

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt., Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont features world-class Astanza Duality laser technology as the region's first specialty clinic of its kind. With a core focus on the tattoo removal procedure, Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont provides a top-tier solution to unwanted tattoos for the populations of New England and beyond.

With a strong focus on patient care and treatment results, Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont has invested in ideal technology. "It was our top priority to have a laser system that would provide safe and effective treatment results to each and every patient," said Sean Keefe, owner of Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont. "Our elite Astanza Duality laser and expert training give us the ability to offer the best ink removal in the Northeast."

Duality laser tattoo removal delivers high-intensity light energy into the skin using Q-switching technology. Q-switching creates extremely short, nanosecond pulses that treat unwanted ink while keeping surrounding skin safe. The Duality uses multiple wavelengths of light energy to treat a wide range of ink colors. The tattoo ink absorbs the laser energy, heats up, and instantly shatters. The shattered ink particles are then flushed away by the body's natural immune processes; tattoos are faded away completely after multiple treatments.

"Sean Keefe at Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont has built an exceptional tattoo removal clinic by offering effective and affordable treatments with state-of-the-art Astanza technology," said Ryan Lambert, president of Astanza. "We are happy to have provided Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont with the ability to be the premier ink removal clinic in New England."

As Vermont's first specialty tattoo removal clinic, Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont concentrates its expertise on just one procedure – laser tattoo removal. Offering the most advanced nanosecond Q-switching laser technology available, tattoo ink is no longer permanent. Each member of the Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont team has been trained on the tattoo removal procedure by the Q-switched laser experts of New Look Laser College.

Laser Tattoo Removal of Vermont, serving Vermont, New England, Montreal, and surrounding areas, offers discounts to military personnel and municipality service members. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call (802) 735-8122.

Astanza is a leading manufacturer of Q-switched lasers with a unique focus on the application of laser tattoo removal. In addition to developing cutting-edge medical laser devices such as the Duality, Eternity, and Trinity laser systems, Astanza offers its customers a complete range of training, marketing, and business consulting services specific to achieving success in this growing field.

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