Videomaker Free Report: Best Types of Lightweight Tripods for Cameras

Aug 26, 2011, 09:00 ET from Videomaker

CHICO, Calif., Aug. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Videomaker magazine, the nation's oldest consumer magazine dedicated to independent video and videography, has released a free guide to selecting the best types of lightweight tripods for cameras.  Videomaker created this report in response to multiple queries from readers asking "What are the best tripods for cameras?"

The tripod is among the most vital pieces of video equipment, helping a video creator to keep their camcorder steady as they shoot.  Videographers know that they need the best tripods to achieve the best results in their video footage.  Unfortunately, too many aren't sure exactly what they need to consider in finding the best tripod for their camera.  Videomaker's "Best Types of Lightweight Tripods for cameras" answers some of the most common questions facing new videographers as they struggle to pick out the best tripod that will give them the stability, support and flexibility that they need.

A lot of videographers get distracted by brand names, constantly asking themselves whether a Quantaray tripod is better than a Slik tripod or whether a Gitzo tripod is better than a Velbon tripod. What they forget to ask themselves is, what do I need this tripod to do? What does it need to handle to be the best tripod for me?

Videomaker's free report contains all the information that a videographer need to find the best tripods for cameras. "Best Types of Lightweight Tripods for Cameras" is compiled with the beginning videographer in mind, designed to help him or her shoot steady footage on the go.

Founded in 1986, Videomaker was the first magazine to introduce video to a mass, non-industry audience.  Though the video field has exploded dramatically in recent years, Videomaker still remains dedicated to its core mission: To encourage aspiring directors and documentarians to use video technology to find their own voices and tell their own stories.  Today, Videomaker is more than just a magazine. It's grown to also become a robust online community, offering a full line of training DVDs, videos-on-demand and a series of webinars and hands-on video training workshops. Every month, more than 50,000 professional videographers, independent filmmakers, and home video hobbyists turn to Videomaker to get the latest video scoops.

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