Westfield announces bold vision for airports

Significant, long-term investment will create 'One Airport Journey. One Holistic Experience.'

Nov 05, 2015, 17:00 ET from Westfield

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Westfield today unveiled a new approach to airport development that will transform the customer experience, enabling airports and airlines to grow non-aeronautical revenue for investment in infrastructure and operations.

"One Airport Journey. One Holistic Experience." by Westfield is an all-inclusive development strategy that responds to today's consumers who desire a seamless experience, guided by information from home to the curb, the gate and beyond. 

"Today's consumers expect more than concessions upgrades," said Dominic Lowe, Executive Vice President, Westfield. "They want a seamless journey, one that's connected physically and digitally, one that's personalized to reduce the uncertainty, stress and tension today's air travelers face. We're excited to partner and co-invest with airports and airlines to develop and manage a cohesive customer journey that increases customer satisfaction and revenue."

Building on 50 years of global experience in retail innovation, Westfield designs, funds, builds and manages next-generation environments at airports around the globe.

"Today, airlines and airports are competing fiercely on a global scale, and customers expect more," said Ziba Ghassemi, Senior Director of Design, Westfield Airports. "They want an efficient experience that provides them with time to shop, dine and relax."

Westfield develops long-term partnerships with airports and airlines and provides significant, upfront capital and ongoing investment to keep them ahead as customers and markets evolve.

Westfield's all-inclusive development strategy is built on its unique ability to create, curate, innovate and partner:

  • CREATE: A new customer journey that begins at home and continues from the curb, to the gate and beyond.
    • An efficient experience, giving customers time to shop, dine and relax. 
    • Inviting sightlines, integrated dining and retail.
  • CURATE: A signature blend of local dining and retail with the finest international offerings and amenities.
    • A distinct sense of place, connecting people to each airport's culture, city and soul. 
    • Fresh ingredients, exciting brands and engaging design with elements that surprise and delight.
  • INNOVATE: An open, digital platform, guiding customers along a personalized journey.
    • A customized user interface that is personalized based on each customer's travel itinerary, location, flight departure time and gate, personal preferences and purchase history.
    • Plan, browse, navigate, reserve and purchase services and products at any time, any place.
  • PARTNER: A partnership with significant, upfront capital and ongoing investment as customers and markets evolve.
    • A unique and customized financial approach.
    • Global resources to design, fund, build and manage the entire customer experience.

About Westfield Corporation

As part of its global portfolio, Westfield designs, develops, owns, manages and leases award-winning shopping venues in landmark cities around the world. Among the company's iconic retail destinations are Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City in the U.K., Westfield San Francisco Centre, and Westfield Century City. Upcoming world-class retail icons include Westfield World Trade Center (opening in 2016) and Westfield Milan in Italy.

At the forefront of retail innovation, Westfield is deploying its global expertise to revolutionize the customer experience and create next-generation environments in landmark airports across the U.S. Westfield designs, funds, builds and manages a seamless customer experience where the digital and physical worlds converge from the home to the gate and beyond, enabling customers to browse, navigate and purchase at any time. Integrating the best in food, fashion, art, and entertainment, Westfield crafts a fully customizable journey which aligns with and reflects each community's unique style, spirit and culture. Learn more at www.westfieldcorp.com/airports.

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