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Verdict (http://www.reportsandreports.com/Publishers/verdict/) Research: Where Britain Shops 2010: Supermarkets provides a comprehensive analysis of the shopping habits of UK consumers. It presents a detailed examination of changing customer profiles as well as demographic, socio-economic and shopping around trends.


    - A wide-ranging analysis of the way customers shop in supermarkets,
      complete with profiles of Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury and Tesco.
    - In each of the eight categories profiled the report has a
      socio-economic breakdown of shoppers, analysis of competitors used and
      sector penetrations.
    - For each profiled supermarket, this report provides a
      socio-economic breakdown of their customer base and cross sector
      shopping data.


Supermarkets' share of all shoppers is down by 1.7 percentage points year-on-year. The main factor behind this decline is an improved performance by other retailers, especially in clothing. These retailers have opened aggressively in more central locations and worked to offer a higher quality of product and improve their merchandising standards.

Grocers' low prices are attracting more electricals shoppers, on top of gains made due to dissatisfaction with specialists' service levels. More customers are researching a purchase and then buying at the lowest possible price, benefitting grocers. Supermarkets have also improved the good and best partsr of their good-better-best architecture.

Morrison's share of all shoppers has increased by 0.9 percentage points to 27.5%, its highest proportion yet and 4.6 percentage points higher than in 2005. Factors driving this growth were increased promotion of its quality credentials, keener prices and aggressive expansion, especially in areas where it is underexposed, such as southern England.

    Reasons to Purchase

    - Where Britain Shops is one of the most comprehensive studies
      of its kind, drawing on a nationwide survey of 6,000 shoppers each
    - Verdict's thorough understanding of retail issues enables us to
      interpret data from an informed viewpoint and explore the implications
      for retailers.
    - With the economic climate remaining weak and competition strong
      between supermarkets, understanding customer motivations is highly

    Table of Contents

    Overview 1

    While supermarkets' share of all shoppers is down, they continue to gain
    in non-food 1
    Summary points 2
    Main conclusions 3
    Retailer highlights 4
    Use of Supermarkets 16

    Fewer consumers use supermarkets due to other retailers' improved

    16 Supermarkets share of shopper 18
    Profiles of supermarket shoppers 20
    Profiles of shoppers who do not use supermarkets 22
    Sector penetration - which sectors shoppers use supermarkets for 24
    Share of shopper - by supermarket retailer 27
    Clothing Sector Analysis 30
    How clothing shoppers use supermarkets 30
    Both supermarket and sector shares of shopper down 31
    Clothing offer remains popular among less affluent shoppers 32
    Asda remains most popular grocer for clothing 33
    Less affluent shoppers more likely to use supermarkets for clothing 34
    DIY Sector Analysis 36
    How DIY shoppers use supermarkets 36
    DIY broadly maintains share 37
    DIY is the only sector where the majority of supermarket customers are
    Male 38
    Tesco remains the dominant grocer for DIY 39
    Younger shoppers more likely to use supermarkets for DIY 40
    Electricals Sector Analysis 42
    How electricals shoppers use supermarkets 42
    Electricals gains greatest share of supermarket shoppers on the previous
    Year 43
    Women remain the major purchasers of electricals at supermarkets 44
    Retailers remain in same order as last year 46
    Women are more likely to use supermarkets than average electricals and
    supermarket shopper 47 Food & Grocery Sector Analysis 48
    How food & grocery shoppers use supermarkets 48
    Supermarkets share of food & grocery shoppers increases for first time in
    three years 49 Over-64s remain largest age group for food & grocery at
    supermarkets 50 Big Four continue to lead the way 52
    Likelyhood of food & grocery shoppers using supermarkets remains close to
    the average 53
    Footwear Sector Analysis 54
    How footwear shoppers use supermarkets 54
    Supermarkets share of footwear shoppers highest in the survey's history
    The grocer's footwear offer appeals more to the younger customer 56
    Asda remains popular among footwear shoppers 57
    The less affluent the customer, the more likely to use grocers for
    footwear 58
    Homewares Sector Analysis 60
    How homewares shoppers use supermarkets 60
    Homewares sector provides supermarkets with greatest uplift in shopper
    share 61
    Homewares has greatest proportion of female shoppers 62
    Asda and Tesco lead pack 63
    Shoppers aged 65 and over are less likely to use supermarkets for
    homewares 64
    Music & Video Sector Analysis 66
    How music & video shoppers use supermarkets 66
    Supermarkets grab share of sector shopper in shrinking music & video
    market 67
    Demographic profile still weighted towards the younger customer 68
    Tesco and Asda remain the dominant players in the market. 70
    Older customers remain less likely than average to buy music & video from
    supermarkets 71 Personal Care Sector Analysis 72
    How personal care shoppers use supermarkets 72
    More than two in three personal care shoppers now buy through
    supermarkets 73
    Supermarkets remain popular with 35-44 year old shoppers for personal
    care products 74
    The Big Four remain significantly ahead of the value grocers. 76
    Shoppers aged 25-54 more likely than average to use supermarkets for
    Personal care 77
    Asda 78
    Previous year's AB gains lost as economy starts to recover but
    penetration of
    C1s rises 78 Asda share of shopper 79
    Asda customer profile 82
    Cross-sector shopping 84
    Shopping around 87
    Morrisons 89
    Gains new customers and retains existing ones 89
    Morrisons share of shopper 90
    Morrisons customer profile 93
    Cross-sector shopping 95
    Shopping around 98
    Sainsbury 100
    Despite its work on value, Sainsbury loses shoppers due to trading down
    Sainsbury share of shopper 101
    Sainsbury customer profile 104
    Cross-sector shopper 106
    Shopping around 109
    Tesco 111
    Loses out due to improvements in competitor offers 111
    Tesco share of shopper 112
    Tesco customer profile 115
    Cross-sector shopping 117
    Shopping around 120

    APPENDIX 122
    Methodology 122
    Further reading 122
    Ask the analyst 122
    Verdict consulting 122
    Disclaimer 122

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