X-debt Consistently Ranks in the Top 10 IVA Businesses in the Country (The Insolvency Exchange)

Jun 17, 2010, 07:47 ET from X-debt

MANCHESTER, England, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- X-debt, a trading name of Debts Solved Limited is consistently ranking in the top 10 for approved Individual Voluntary Arrangements in the UK, according to data from The Insolvency Exchange.

X-debt was launched three years ago to help individuals through the credit crunch and recession and is now one of the leading IVA and debt management providers in the country.

The company's expert Angela Canning, who qualified as an Insolvency Practitioner 14 years ago says, "It is important, for those experiencing debt problems, to seek help quickly and understand the options available to you from a reputable, regulated debt counselling business who can offer or advise you on the full range of options."

X-debt can advise on the following debt solutions:

  • IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Relief Orders
  • Re-mortgage
  • Consolidation Loans
  • Bankruptcy

Angela has years of experience in the personal Insolvency sector and together with a dedicated team at X-debt, can advise you on every type of solution to deal with personal debts as the recession continues.

With recent announcements from the UK government of very difficult times ahead, this type of assistance has never been more important.

With X-debt, a very high percentage of cases which have been approved by creditors are proceeding to a successful conclusion and when the IVA term has expired those individuals will be debt free and have avoided bankruptcy which may have had implications regarding the family home, if they were a homeowner.

For further details of how an IVA can help you or for advice on other debt solutions, visit the web site www.debts-solved.co.uk

Angela Canning is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner authorised by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.