YuMe Announces Proactive Brand Security Solutions to Prevent Undesirable Impressions in Online Video Ad Campaigns

YuMe Domain Detection Technology Prevents Unwanted Impressions in Syndicated and Embeddable Video Players; Identifies the Partner Sites Delivering Strong Campaign Performance for Syndication-focused Publishers

Jun 21, 2010, 08:00 ET from YuMe

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- YuMe, the leading video advertising technology company, today announced that it has added a powerful set of brand security capabilities to its ACE technology platform.

The new brand security capabilities leverage YuMe's proprietary domain detection technology, which can collect detailed information about the in-page environment of a syndicated or embeddable player when it makes an ad request, even when the player is not associated with a companion banner. This industry-first capability—made possible by broad publisher adoption of YuMe's ACE technology—allows YuMe to prevent ads from running in video players that have been embedded on inappropriate websites, and to work with publishers to constantly monitor and improve the list of sites where their syndicated and user-embeddable players are appearing.

"At YuMe, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that let brand marketers advertise in online video as confidently as they advertise on TV," said Jayant Kadambi, co-founder and president of YuMe. "We believe that keeping brands secure in the rapidly evolving world of online video requires constant monitoring of new threats, and regular investment in technology to prevent them—our new domain detection and proactive ad prevention capabilities are the latest element of our ongoing brand security efforts."

"The majority of online video publishers—including some of the biggest media companies in the world—have chosen to syndicate their premium online video content and to offer user-embeddable video players, and we want to be able to reach these online video audiences while keeping our customers' brands safe" said Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omnicom Digital. "We are pleased that YuMe has chosen to make an ongoing investment in brand security, combining regular monitoring and research with proactive technology to prevent inappropriate impressions before they happen."

Domain blacklisting: recognizing and preventing inappropriate impressions

YuMe maintains a constantly growing blacklist of over 1.5 million domains that contain inappropriate content. When YuMe receives an ad request from a video player, it uses its domain detection capabilities to confirm that the player is not embedded on a blacklisted domain before serving an ad.

Syndication quality scores: working with publishers to protect brands

Using a proprietary algorithm, YuMe assigns a syndication quality score to each YuMe publisher, based on how well ads served into its syndicated players perform for advertisers, and on whether the publisher has ever requested an ad for a player on an inappropriate domain. YuMe manually reviews every site that a YuMe publisher claims as an authorized syndication partner to ensure that they meet YuMe's quality standards, and creates a formal list of YuMe-reviewed syndication domains for every publisher. If a publisher makes an ad request from a new domain that is not on YuMe's blacklist, that domain is flagged for review by YuMe's staff. YuMe closely monitors its publishers' syndication quality scores, and regularly encourages publishers to offer greater campaign performance to advertisers by removing their players from lower-performing domains.

YuMe Chief Revenue Officer Scot McLernon will discuss YuMe's new brand security capabilities on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 at a roundtable discussion hosted by Andy Plesser from Beet.tv and Peter Kafka from All Things Digital's "MediaMemo." A live video stream of the event will be available at http://www.livestream.com/beet_tv.

For more information on the ACE technology platform and YuMe's brand security efforts, please visit http://www.yume.com/technology/solutions.php.

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