AlloSource Donates Tissue To Innovative Research To Continue Honoring Mission

Jan 29, 2013, 14:26 ET from AlloSource

The gift of donation lives on by advancing the science of medicine

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AlloSource, one of the nation's largest non-profit providers of skin, bone and soft tissue allografts for use in surgical procedures and the world's largest processor of cellular bone allografts, today announced the donation of research tissue to the Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) in order to further honor the gift of tissue donation.

"The importance of donated research tissue often gets lost," said Dr. Ross Wilkins, Medical Director at AlloSource. "Even if the tissue cannot be used for transplantation, what we can learn from research tissue is every bit as likely to save and enhance lives."

Donated tissue, though mostly used for allograft procedures, is at times ineligible for transplantation.  In order to ensure the donor's wishes are met, AlloSource collaborates with academic Universities and Institutes that perform clinically applicable research.  This is always accompanied by a strict internal review process on the overall benefit of the proposed research.  These donated gifts were used by SPRI to research different surgical practices in hopes of better outcomes and faster recovery periods for future patients.   

"We hope to decide which reconstructive technique is superior of the two currently used in clinical practice," said Dr. Coen Wijdicks, Director of the Biomedical Engineering Department and Senior Staff Scientist at SPRI.  "That way we can improve both subjective and objective patient outcomes after reconstructive surgery."

Located in Vail, Colo., SPRI is a nonprofit organization employing scientists and researchers.  They are recognized globally for their research in osteoarthritis, surgical techniques and injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Over nine respected doctors and scientists participated in the study using AlloSource-provided tissue, including, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert LaPrade

"The use of this donated tissue, which is the same tissue that we would otherwise use in surgical cases, provides an invaluable means to improve patient care for this difficult clinical problem," said Dr. LaPrade.  "We are extremely grateful to the donor families for allowing us the opportunity to improve patient care and outcomes."

The study, using 36 donated allografts, attempts to show the best way to help a patient heal after a posterior cruciate ligament injury.  This ligament, found in the back of the knee, is commonly torn in sports-related injuries. The tissue from those 36 donors provides a clinically relevant research tool that will advance the field of orthopaedic sports medicine. 

"Donating tissue for research is crucial in fulfilling our mission to honor the gift of donation," said Thomas Cycyota, President and CEO of AlloSource.  "When an individual is selfless enough to become a donor, it is our responsibility to see that their tissue is used to change lives in whatever way possible.  Research tissue accomplishes that goal by providing doctors with new and important insight into how they can best heal their patients. The gift from those donors lives on in the amazing research produced by brilliant minds."

AlloSource plans to continue supporting ground-breaking research through donated tissue in addition to continuing their work saving and enhancing lives through the gift of tissue donation and transplantation.

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