BlueKai and LiveRamp Partner To Provide Brands With Offline Data

New Application Provides BlueKai Data Management Platform (DMP) Customers Safe and Secure Environment to Upload Offline Data Using LiveRamp Tools

Apr 21, 2014, 09:00 ET from BlueKai

SAN FRANCISCO, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueKai, the leading SaaS solution for data management, analysis and activation, along with LiveRamp, the leading data onboarder enabling brands to connect their customer databases into every marketing application, are excited to announce a strategic partnership to help bridge the offline/online gap. Today, BlueKai data management platform (DMP) customers have the ability to upload offline data safely and securely for their online marketing campaigns by using LiveRamp's technology.

Presented as a component in the BlueKai DMP user interface, customers will be able to use the application to privately upload offline customer data files on a self-service basis into LiveRamp, where customer records will be anonymously matched against online identifiers, and delivered for access in the BlueKai's DMP system.  

"Integrating offline data is one of marketers biggest data challenges. Each brand's offline data-needs are different, and many platforms are unable to handle the complexity, speed, and scale required by innovative marketers," said David Wiener, Vice President of Product, BlueKai.  "By teaming up with LiveRamp, we're making it easier for marketers to bring more of their richest data into our DMP. Additionally, BlueKai's Continuous Fast Ramp (CFR) technology enables us to ingest the data matched by LiveRamp into our system and make it available faster than any other DMP in the market."

Other benefits include of the joint application include:

  • Automated Workflow: Easy access to LiveRamp's platform, which features a privacy-safe upload process, an automated workflow, and classification tools that organize data for efficient cross-channel distribution
  • Control & Flexibility: DMP customers are able to upload as many files as they want directly to LiveRamp and update on-boarded customer records with new values, ensuring the BlueKai DMP is always acting on the latest information.
  • Operational Efficiency & Support: The new product will offer a streamlined and organized workflow process that allows multiple partners and teams to own the end-to-end process of delivering offline data through LiveRamp to the BlueKai DMP

"We're excited to provide BlueKai customers with a streamlined approach to onboarding their customer data", said Travis May, VP of Products at LiveRamp. "Customers can receive an even greater return on their BlueKai investment by using more of their own first party data for targeting, lookalike modeling, site personalization, campaign analysis, and more."

The LiveRamp application is currently available upon request within the BlueKai DMP UI for eligible clients.

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