Boston Most Expensive Spring Destination in the USA

May 29, 2013, 12:38 ET from

BOSTON, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- During the present spring season, Boston has settled in as the most expensive destination in the United States, based on the price of its lodging. That finding is according to a new survey from The survey specifically compared hotel rates for all main U.S. destinations for the traditional springtime period spanning March to May 2013.

In Boston, travelers had to spend an average of $245 per night this spring, and that was for the cheapest available double room. Only such hotels with a minimum 3-star rating were considered. Just slightly less expensive was Santa Monica. At an average of $239 nightly, this California city came in as the second most expensive American destination.

Positions three through six were all located in Florida. Key West, Sanibel Island, Marathon and Islamorada respectively took those spots. New York City ranked eighth most expensive on the list at an average overnight rate of $206.

The following table shows the USA's 10 most expensive destinations for Spring 2013. The rankings are based on the average rate for the cheapest available double room (minimum: 3-star hotel or resort). The time period spanning March–May 2013 served as the basis of comparison.

  1. Boston $245
  2. Santa Monica $239
  3. Key West $234
  4. Sanibel Island $224
  5. Marathon $214
  6. Islamorada $209
  7. Austin $207
  8. New York City $206
  9. Napa $201
  10. Koloa (Poipu) $196

Check the full results of the survey at

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