CallTrackingMetrics announces GeoContact(SM), a new geo-targeting technology to display local phone numbers on business websites

Feb 01, 2016, 15:43 ET from CallTrackingMetrics

SEVERNA PARK, Md., Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- GeoContactSM, CallTrackingMetrics's latest feature enhancement, allows a business to display a phone number on their website that is local to the website visitor, no matter where in the world the visitor is located.

This provides a whole new dimension to number insertion which has traditionally been used by call tracking companies to track website visits back to online advertising campaigns.  By providing a phone number that visitors are comfortable calling, they will be more likely to call.  GeoContact works by changing the phone number on a business's website based on the visitor's geographic location. For example, a visitor in Italy will see an Italian phone number, whereas a visitor from the UK will see a UK number.  In the US and Canada, businesses can also show a tracking number that is closest to the visitor down to the area code level. CallTrackingMetrics offers phone numbers in 60 different countries. View the full list.

GeoContact is integrated into CallTrackingMetrics's dynamic insertion technology that pinpoints the advertising channel and keyword that led a caller to a business's website. Once the visitor calls the tracking number, their call is tied back to the exact website visit and online advertisement that led to their visit.

CallTrackingMetrics COO, Laure Fisher, said last week in the announcement, "This new feature gives businesses a new tool to expand their global reach and provide a great experience for their customers around the world. Small businesses can appear global and large businesses can appear local. They choose exactly how they want to come across on their website."

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CallTrackingMetrics provides businesses with cloud-based software to manage their call flows so that they can optimize phone calls to increase customer satisfaction and sales conversions. From tracking the exact ad and website visitor that generated a call to routing calls in sophisticated patterns to a distributed team, businesses will find the tools and reporting they need to manage the tracking, reporting, and routing of their phone calls.

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