Hotels in Miami Beach Boast Worst Ratings in the USA, Survey Shows

Nov 15, 2012, 09:18 ET from

MIAMI, Nov. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent survey by has compared 30 destinations in the United States and Canada based on the overall quality of their hotels. In coming up with its results, the survey compiled evaluations the various hotels have received over the past 12 months from customers after their stay.

To render the many destinations as comparable as possible, only 3-star hotels located centrally within the respective destinations were considered. Hotel reviews were aggregated from the two leading hotel-booking sites: Expedia and Priceline. Each review was then categorized as positive, neutral or negative.

In Miami Beach, 24% of visitors were disappointed with their hotel and awarded it a negative review. That ranks the city, by far, in the last spot among all destinations considered. Also at the bottom of the rankings were Atlantic City and Ottawa, where 21% and 20%, respectively, of all recent reviews have been negative.

On the flipside: Washington, D.C. tops the U.S. rankings, with 73% of its hotel reviews being positive, 15% neutral and only 12% negative. One destination in Canada, however, performed even better. In Quebec City, 75% of all travelers have been happy with their hotel stay, while only 11% have awarded their lodgings there a negative evaluation.

The following table shows the five highest and lowest ranked destinations according to the survey. The percent value indicates the percentage of negative hotel reviews each respective city received among all 3-star hotel reviews over the past 12 months.

1. Quebec City 11% (negative reviews)
2. Washington, D.C. 12 %
3. Chicago 13%
4. Boston 13%
5. Montreal 14%


26. Las Vegas 19%
27. Honolulu 19%
28. Ottawa 20%
29. Atlantic City 21%
30. Miami 24%

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