Landis+Gyr Demonstrates Interoperability of Gridstream Advanced Metering Platform with New IEEE 802.15.4g Communications Standard

Dec 18, 2012, 16:42 ET from Landis+Gyr

ATLANTA, Dec. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Landis+Gyr announced successful completion of IEEE 802.15.4g interoperability tests with its Gridstream® advanced metering and grid management platform during an IPSO Alliance event at the IETF 85 Conference. This demonstration affirms Landis+Gyr's leadership role in advancing interoperability for smart grid applications around the world.

"We understand that utilities may select individual products from a variety of vendors to build out their complete smart grid network solution," said Tim Weidenbach, Vice President Product Management for Landis+Gyr.  "We will continue to develop solutions that are proven to work in this emerging interoperable landscape."

The IPSO-sponsored interoperability event gathered members with interest in testing diverse products that communicate via shared IPv6-based protocols. The event included a communications framework for Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) devices based on the IEEE 802.15.4g standard.

Landis+Gyr successfully  completed  interoperability of its platform with other participants' NAN devices using common signaling and dynamic switch modes as defined in the 802.15.4g standard. Designing the Gridstream solutions on open and interoperable standards provides utilities with deployment options and operational flexibility for smart grid applications of today and tomorrow.

"Diversity of smart grid devices will always prevail in our industry. This test confirms the ability to build an interoperable profile that extends beyond the physical layer, regardless of inherent complexities. Our commitment is to contribute to the definition of a standardized communications framework that satisfies our utility customers' interoperability needs," says Lizardo Hernandez, Group Product Manager at Landis+Gyr.

"While standards for all layers of the NAN communication stack became available earlier this year with the IEEE and IETF release of missing components, interoperability is still virtually impossible without industry-agreed upon standards and relevant options. This event is a key first step toward validation of multi-vendor interoperability," adds Ruben Salazar, Director of Research and Technology at Landis+Gyr.

Although the IPSO test does not address all of today's smart grid challenges, it supports Landis+Gyr's unwavering dedication to providing interoperability solutions by focusing on maximizing utility networking solutions and delivering an open development environment between vendors.

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About the IPSO Alliance
The IPSO Alliance is the primary advocate of IP for Smart Objects for use in energy, consumer, healthcare, and industrial applications. The Alliance, a non-profit organization whose members include leading technology, communications and energy companies, promotes the use of the Internet Protocol to serve as the foundation for a network of sensor-enabled physical objects to communicate with each other as seamlessly as individuals do over the Internet.

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