Monitor At-Risk Students Easily, Efficiently with DBR Connect

Dec 09, 2015, 09:38 ET from PAR, Inc.

LUTZ, Fla., Dec. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Teachers, administrators, and school psychologists looking for an easy way to track student conduct can save time and paper with DBR Connect, a new online behavioral assessment tool designed to quickly and intuitively monitor three research-based behaviors key to school success.

DBR Connect was developed by school psychologists Drs. Sandra Chafouleas and T. Chris Riley-Tillman after more than a decade of research. Knowing that educators and school personnel need a customizable assessment that requires limited materials and virtually no paperwork, Chafouleas and Riley-Tillman created this system to track three broad behavioral constructs—Academically Engaged, Disruptive, and Respectful. Designed to rate behavior over a specific period of time (e.g., 45 minutes of class), the assessment can be completed by a psychologist, teacher, or school staff member daily as part of progress monitoring or on an as-needed basis.

Through the intuitive online assessment interface, educators and practitioners can screen for problem behaviors and monitor the effectiveness of interventions in just a few clicks. DBR Connect can easily identify at-risk students and monitor their progress over time. It can be customized to add additional behaviors, which can be tailored to the needs of the students being monitored. Users are able to view ratings by student, by classroom, or by the school as a whole; results are immediately available through charts and reports.

"This is valuable tool," stated R. Bob Smith III, PhD, PAR chairman and CEO. "It can be implemented easily in a classroom setting and doesn't burden teachers with long, time-consuming forms—just an easy scoring slider that prioritizes the most important information."

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