New Social App Yello Lets You Find Places To Love Through People You Trust

Dec 18, 2013, 10:01 ET from Yello

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- THINK: A new way to answer one of life's most frequently asked questions: "Where should I go?"

WHAT IT IS: An innovative new social experience that turns your network into a personal guide book. The places we choose to visit are more than just backdrops. They shape our daily experiences, our friend circles, our memories, and even our social interactions. With all that said, how do we decide where to go? New social media app Yello seeks to give you the answer through the people you trust the most: your friends. Rather than turning towards reviews of strangers you've never met, Yello allows you to use your wide social network and transforms it into a searchable, personalized platform for recommendations on where to eat, where to get a cup of perfectly pulled espresso, where to catch the best view of the New York sunset, and more.

Yello was founded by MBA grad Daniel Gendelman, when a trip to Los Angeles with friends resulted in one of the best weekends of his life. He quickly realized it was because they took him to places they knew he personally would enjoy and connect with.

"I felt that review sites were impersonal and not effective. It seemed like every day, I would notice people on Facebook or Twitter asking their entire communities where to go in a certain city—not that efficient," Daniel says. "Everyone is an insider somewhere, and we take great pride in the places we frequent. Building a platform around sharing the places we love in order to discover new ones was just something I had to do."

Unlike other place-centric platforms like Foursquare or Yelp, Yello is image-heavy, allowing you to log your favorite places through eye-catching photographs rather than with reviews. The platform encourages user engagement through the idea that people love sharing things with people they know and that visual content drives engagement. By taking and sharing photos of the places you visit, your individual profile becomes a visual scrapbook of all the places you love and want to tell people about—and in turn, Yello keeps getting more focused and useful to your network. Share your tips, and then discover new places and glean inspiration from fellow Yello users. For example, it's easy—and addictive—to browse a foodie friend's page filled with mouthwatering suggestions for your next restaurant visit. Users are also able to comment on photos to directly ask questions such as, "What is the signature dish?" or "Did you have to make a reservation?"

For specific recommendations, users can search and filter by location and categories, such as food, drink, sleep, art, or entertainment, to see which places the people they follow—the people they would listen to in real life—have added. The streamlined search function turns the app into an ultra-portable and personalized guidebook for wherever you go. Then, you can turn around and become the tour guide for the places you do know. With its minimalistic, attractive user interface and intuitive flow, Yello is an easy, enjoyable way to share and discover places you love through the people you trust.

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